Under the Hood of the All-New Pro Dry Jacket and Bib

The original concept for the Pro Dry started all the way back in 2010 in the professional bass community. Known and respected names such as Gary Klein, Shaw Grigsby, Aaron Martens, Brent Ehrler and Ish Monroe among others all weighed in on what attributes the be all, end all fishing rain suit needed in order to be considered the best of the best. Since its release in 2011, the suit has won over diehard anglers beyond the bass world. Offshore, nearshore, and even inshore anglers have embraced the Pro Dry as a mainstay. Even in our own backyard here in Montana, it’s not at all uncommon to see anglers and guides working banks, riffles, and runs from drift boats donned with Pro Dry Jackets and Bibs.  

Now on its third iteration, the latest Pro Dry Jacket and Bib still retain the same DNA of the original. However, with advancements in fabric durability/performance, design innovations, and perfecting key tactical features, Simms has once again raised the bar for the best foul weather protection.  

In terms of new developments highlighted in the Pro Dry suit, the biggest and most noteworthy update has to do with the main engine behind the suit – its fabric. The new suit utilizes two of the most performance driven fabrics in the GORE-TEX® portfolio. As expected, this new fabric package is incredibly breathable, but it’s also more waterproof and durable than any other Pro Dry that came before it. In the areas of the jacket that take the most abuse such as the hood, the shoulders, and the top of the arms, a heavier denier 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric is used to offer unmatched ruggedness. In all of the other areas of the jacket, a slightly lighter 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell is utilized, giving anglers unhindered range of motion, superior fit, and ultimate comfort. These two fabrics work together to offer the highest level of durability and mobility possible. 

Another update to the Jacket is a completely re-engineered three-point adjustable hood designed for speed. The new hood joins the jacket at the neck seam. At this union, drain holes have been incorporated and work much like that of an exhaust system. While running at full tilt, air, and water that comes into the hood and neck area now have a way to escape. It also neatly tucks away in the collar when not in use. The jacket still offers tons of on-body storage in the form of two zippered handwarmer pockets and two large zippered chest pockets, one of which features a dedicated sunglass drop in pocket as well as a tethered sunglass chamois.  

Finally, we have re-engineered the Shingle Cuff system for ultimate waterproof sealing to your wrists, keeping your arms dry while you’re gripping a steering wheel in torrential rain, reviving and releasing fish, or reaching into a baitwell for livies. The Shingle Cuff has been a part of the Pro Dry Jacket since the beginning, but in order to maximize its watertight seal, the inner portion of the cuff is now constructed from a stretch material that allows anglers to truly create a watertight seal around their wrists.  

Simms Pro Dry Jacket

The Pro Dry Jacket is a fantastic stand-alone piece for wind, rain, open water crossings, and choppy seas but to achieve the ultimate protection against the elements, nothing compliments the Pro Dry Jacket better than the Pro Dry Bib.  

To achieve the most durability possible, the new bib is constructed from the same 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell that’s used in the high wear zones of the jacket. Durability in the bib is bolstered by highly abrasion resistant nylon overlays in the knees and on the bottom of the cuffs. Also featuring a full-length center-front zipper, adjustable suspenders and a stretch back panel, the bib allows for a customized fit that provides complete comfort that works with angler movement. If the jacket alone doesn’t offer enough on-body storage for your needs, the bib also features handwarmer pockets to stash smaller essentials and thaw frozen fingers. In addition, the bib incorporates a top loading welted thigh pocket with a built-in plier holster on the right thigh. And finally, for quick and easy on/off capabilities (and additional breathability/ventilation), the bib utilizes two-way zippers along the legs, allowing anglers to put the bib on without having to remove deck boots or other footwear.   

Simms Pro Dry Bib

Since its inception, Simms’ goal with the Pro Dry Jacket and Bib was to offer serious anglers the most performance-driven, water-resistant, rugged rain suit ever designed. For anglers who refuse to let wet conditions ruin their day, the all-new Pro Dry Jacket and Bib is the undeniable answer.