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Flyweight Boot

The Flyweight Boot – The Lightest Wading Boot Simms Has Ever Made.

If you like the support and coverage of a traditional wading boot, consider the multi-award-winning, Flyweight Boot (available in Men’s and Women’s). The Flyweight’s claim to fame is that it is the lightest wading boot Simms has ever made, by a longshot. It works great with waders but is also a fantastic option for wet-wading when worn with either the Guide Guard Sock or Neoprene Wading Sock. While both the Men’s and Women’s Flyweight Boot is available in felt, in our opinion, the Vibram® option is the real workhorse. To be exact, we use a Vibram® Idrogrip rubber for the outsole of this boot. So what’s so great about Idrogrip rubber? In any rubber outsole on wading footwear, there are two key performance properties to consider — slip resistance and durability. To have more of one, the other has to be sacrificed. In other words, the most durable rubber outsole isn’t going to be very grippy. On the flip-side, the most slip-resistant rubber outsole isn’t going to be very durable. Virbram® Idrogrip is what we have found to be the perfect balance of both. Incredibly grippy and unbelievably rugged.

The lightweight nature of the Flyweight comes about from a durable, low profile synthetic mesh upper. This material not only sheds weight and lends durability to the boot, but it also allows easy flex on the forefoot which offers anglers comfort and mobility on the trail as well as in the water. For added abrasion resistance, the Flyweight comes equipped with welded TPU film in high wear zones as well as a scratch rubber toe cap. To enhance comfort and support, the Flyweight not only incorporates a high-cushion, dual-density EVA midsole but also a TPU shank. This shank serve two purposes. One: It provides torsional rigidity. In layman’s terms, this means it keeps the foot from twisting and turning. Two: It provides a place to anchor Simms Hardbite Studs.

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Flyweight Shoe

Simms’ Flyweight Shoe Breaking Trail

The launch of the Flyweight Boot was humbling for us here at Simms. In short order, anglers around the world began giving us feedback that it was the best lightweight wading boot they’d ever worn. We quickly realized that we had a great blueprint to work off of to create a game-changing piece of footwear specifically designed for wet wading – the Flyweight Shoe. We didn’t stray from our winning recipe in terms of key ingredients. We used the same abrasion-resistant synthetic mesh upper, the same grippy, yet durable Vibram® Idrogrip Rubber outsole, a TPU plate for stud retention and support, and of course, the same dual-density EVA midsole for comfort. In short, with some subtle construction differences, it’s basically the Flyweight Boot built as a low-top shoe. One key feature that the shoe has that the boot doesn’t is the neoprene sock-like collar. The Flyweight Shoe can be worn with a number of Simms socks but was also designed to be worn comfortably without a sock. The neoprene collar keeps debris out but also provides next-to-skin comfort.

Flyweight Shoe

Confluence Sandal

Finally, for the minimalist who isn’t looking for a boot, or a shoe but rather the lowest profile wet-wading option in our collection, Simms is proud to offer the Confluence Sandal. Over the years, there have been many wet wading sandals in our collection but in our opinion, the Confluence Sandal puts all of its predecessors to shame. It’s unbelievably lightweight, stable, provides a ton of comfort, unmatched traction, and offers foot and toe protection that most sandals do not. Its weight or lack thereof comes from a waterproof synthetic upper. Stability and support in the sandal are powered by Simms, Right Angle Footbed, a footbed designed to hold your foot in a neutral position giving your entire body support from the ground up. Just like the Flyweight Boot and Shoe, the Confluence Sandal brings in a high cushion dual-density EVA midsole for comfort. For even more comfort, the sandal incorporates a full neoprene lining for all of the next to skin areas. Once again, Vibram® Idrogrip is utilized on the outsole for durable slip resistance. And finally, for protection, the Confluence Sandal features a burly rubber toe cap to prevent anglers from stubbing their digits on rocks while wading.

Confluence Sandal

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