Thinking Outside the Boat

Time to Hit the Trail and Find the Fish of a Lifetime

Finally — prime hike/wade season is here. Before you ditch the oars, take a tour of some of our favorite footwear options tailor made for hike/wade enthusiasts.

With steady flows, clean water, and most importantly, good company — floating down your favorite river comes with advantages aplenty. From a tactical standpoint, fishing from a boat allows you to cover tons of water, which almost always enhances the catching aspect of your day. On the social side, floating is a great time to fish in close proximity with your best buds and of course, razz them when they miss a fish. Not to mention, even for anglers who seemingly bring every piece of tackle and equipment they own — in a boat, there’s always ample room to conveniently stash a day’s worth of gear and a cooler full of cold beers — always. On the flip-side, there’s something to be said about leaving the boat at home, throwing all your gear on your back, and bushwhacking your way into spots that would otherwise be inaccessible. Yes, hike/wade fishing comes with a bit of labor but the rewards of connecting with a fish of a lifetime with your feet planted in the riverbed tip the scale in every possible way.

So let’s discuss the main engine that powers anglers who choose to use their own two feet instead or oars to find a piece of untapped water that’s all their own — hike/wade footwear.