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trout bum, Jeff Currier partners with Simms., defines the word bum as followed: A person who avoids work and sponges on others. A loafer, a hobo, a derelict. On its own, nothing about the word suggests flattery towards a person labeled as such. However, when the word trout precedes it, forming the compound — trout bum, it becomes a complimentary classification where all those trucker hat wearing, PBR tall boy drinking, scraggly bearded dudes with untreatable fishing addictions fall. With no facial hair, hat preference and being an equal opportunity beer drinker, Jeff Currier breaks the stereotypical mold but his lifestyle and drive to fish exemplifies what it truly means to be a trout bum and Simms couldn’t be more excited to join forces with him.  

Currier’s passion for all things fishing was sparked during a childhood spent on the water with his father and grandfather in Massachusetts. With each outing, what started as a spark grew into a burning desire to eat, sleep and breath fishing — at any cost. Like most anglers, Currier certainly wasn’t opposed to tying into fish of trophy proportions but what really fascinated him was catching, examining and releasing as many different species as he possibly could. “Man, back in those days, I was like a mini-fish biologist.” says Currier. His love for diversity hasn’t wavered from his youth and to this day, he still enjoys checking species off his list. In fact, this simple act motivates him most to travel the globe to explore new fisheries and figure out how to hook and land the world’s most elusive species. If that means drinking mare’s milk in Mongolia, slurping broth made from sheep hooves in Sudan and sleeping in a bivy sack in the midst of India’s tiger country with a sling pack as a pillow, all the better. The stamps in his passport suggest an occupation of an international spy or a foreign diplomat but in reality, Currier lives a much simpler life, he’s a fisherman and a rare one at that who welcomes any and all border crossings that hold the potential of a rare, hard fighting elusive species. Presently, Currier’s travels have awarded him over 300 fly caught species to his name but, make no mistake — he still has plenty to go.

Currier’s angling career is a textbook example of the cliche’ if you follow your passion, the rest will follow. After high school, Currier attended college in Wisconsin, a decision based primarily on his curiosity of muskellunge (muskie), a curiosity that nearly put a halt on attaining a Naturalist degree. “I started college with the intentions of studying hard and acquiring a solid degree in something like Wildlife management but with my fishing habit, I opted to go for a Naturalist degree which at my school, was the easiest degree to get.” claims Currier.

Holding a degree with his name on it, Currier’s next career move was to move to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to begin an illustrious career as a trout bum. In 1987, such an occupation didn’t necessarily pay the bills so he eventually found work at the Jack Dennis Fly Shop which he states was the first step to being able to do what he does today. “I worked at the shop from ’87 to 09′ and during that period, somehow, I managed to work as much as most people fish and fish as much as most people work. It really exposed me to a lot of people and trips abroad and over the years, my calendar just became more and more booked.” Around 2009, Currier being somewhat well traveled and extremely knowledgeable was asked to give a presentation at a fly fishing gathering and while he had no idea, he was a great public speaker, let alone would enjoy speaking, he was a total natural. “The only thing I missed about retail was the personal interaction. I would have never guessed that a day would come where I would be on demand to speak but I’ll tell you the truth, I love it. Speaking at shows, clubs and events gets me back with the people.” says Currier.

Jeff Currier's most recent catch of note, a arapaima from Guyana.

Jeff Currier’s most recent catch of note, an arapaima from Guyana.

Having just returned from Guyana, Currier has stashed his rods for a spell and has embarked on a tour of speaking engagements around the country. Only a week ago, SImms was fortunate enough to attend Currier’s presentation Trout Bumming Around the World hosted by Trout Unlimited’s Madison Gallatin chapter. Check out his schedule and if he’s in your neck of the woods, take our word for it, his images, artwork and stories are something you absolutely will not want to miss.

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