Take a Tour of the All-New Flyweight Wader and Jackets

Finally – the wait is over – Simms’ all-new Flyweight Collection is available now at simmsfishing.com and your local retailer. In full transparency, this collection has been a challenge to keep under wraps for so long. Why? Because we truly feel this collection features more angler-driven innovations than any collection Simms has ever released. It also doesn’t help that we’ve literally been able to see the centerpiece of the collection, the Flyweight Stockingfoot Wader come to life right here on the production floor of our Bozeman, Montana facility. Over the course of the next couple weeks, we are going to dig deep into the entire Flyweight assortment, but because there’s so much to talk about, for the time being, we’re going to focus on this amazing wader as well as three killer pieces of outerwear that have earned the Flyweight badge: The Flyweight Shell Jacket, Flyweight Access Hoody, and the Flyweight Access Jacket.

Flyweight Stockingfoot Wader
When it comes to the innovations and techy features found in the Flyweight Wader, there’s a lot to talk about. We’re going to go through all of these, but before we do, we’d like to explain how these innovations apply to you and why this wader should have a place to hang amongst other waders in your quiver.

First and foremost, the Flyweight Wader was designed for high-output anglers. You know the type — those that leave the truck at sunup and don’t return until the sun dips below the horizon. These anglers are the ones who are willing to push a little harder to get to those extra special, unpressured zones others don’t dare to venture.  From the top down, this wader has been designed and engineered to facilitate comfort, mobility, and breathability to the extreme in order to make these treks less of a grind and more of an experience.

Second of all, in the process of creating such an athletic-inspired wader, something else happened — we built an extremely lightweight wader with incredible breathability. So yes – the Flyweight Wader was designed for high-output anglers, but it’s also going to be an awesome wader to lean on in warmer climates as well as shoulder seasons when it’s a little too cold to wet wade, but a little too warm for a G3 or a G4.

Now that we’re ready for the full tour of the wader, let’s start with the engine – the fabric. The Flyweight Wader features three GORE-TEX fabrics. The lower portion of the wader is constructed from 4-layer GORE-TEX®, the exact same fabric found in the lower of the G4Z® and G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders. This material is waterproof, breathable and extremely durable but it also has a great hand feel and drape that provides a comfortable fit and promotes mobility. Much like other waders in the Simms line, the upper is constructed from 3-Layer GORE-TEX® for enhanced breathability. The third fabric utilized in the Flyweight Wader is a first for Simms. In the Crotch Gusset and Side Gussets (more on these later), our product team incorporated a 3-Layer stretch GORE-TEX® fabric to provide range of motion like never before.

The fabric package alone is enough to make the Flyweight a standout, but let’s move on and discuss the most eye-catching aspect of the wader – the 5.11® HEXGRID® front panel.

In short, 5.11 is a multi-angle load bearing platform that allows the secure attachment of a variety of Flyweight pods and accessories in a variety of locations and orientations. Found throughout the Flyweight Collection, 5.11 gives anglers the ability to completely customize their kit to meet their personal angling needs. The attachment process is simple and once accessories are attached to the angler’s liking, there’s no need to detach and reattach later. It’s a set it and forget it type model. See How 5.11® HEXGRID® Works.

In addition to the fabric and the hexgrid, the Flyweight Wader also features a scalloped top hem. This is a lower hem than other waders in the Simms line. This design feature was based on deep studies we conducted on breathability and the overall heat mapping of a high-output athlete’s body. We found that a lot of breathability occurs in the mid- to upper-chest area which is why we bumped the upper hem line down. To enhance ventilation even more in this critical zone, we also built in air mesh suspender anchors.

Now, let’s talk about the stretch under the arms. Basically, these zippered side-gussets provide anglers with two different functional modes – athletic mode (zipped up) and relaxed mode (unzipped). In relaxed mode, anglers gain 4 extra inches of ease which is conducive for resting periods, extra layering or actions like rowing, but it also gives anglers much needed ventilation after long hikes to the water’s edge. When it’s time to get back on the move, simply zip the side gussets back into athletic mode and start searching for the next spot.   

Other features in the upper portion of the wader include adjustable suspenders with opposing Duraflex buckles for an easy waist high conversion, a zippered stash pocket, and finally, reach-through pockets (not hand warmer pockets) to rest your hands and keep small essentials close.

Finally, as we move down, as you might expect, we’ve included our patented front and back leg seams for range of motion but we’ve also incorporated a new Hex Air Gravel Guard. Essentially, this is a perforated neoprene material that releases water quicker, dries faster and packs smaller. It also provides a really comfortable fit inside wading boots.

Flyweight Jackets
In addition to the wader, the collection comes equipped with three lightweight jackets that contribute in a big way to the overall Flyweight fishing experience. Like the wader and all of the packs and accessories, these jackets are built for faster and farther pursuits.

Leading the pack is the Flyweight Shell Jacket. This is the lightest, waterproof-breathable shell in the Simms line. Powered by GORE-TEX PACLITE® Plus, the Flyweight Shell Jacket provides next-level weather protection in a comfortable, lightweight, packable package. The jacket features a fixed hood with a single cord adjustment and was designed to easily fit over a hat. For small essentials, there’s a zippered chest pocket that is also a self-stowing pouch with compatible quick clips to attach to Simms’ Flyweight Waders, packs and accessories. Two zippered hand pockets thaw cold hands and a simple cuff designed with partial stretch allow for easy on/off capabilities.

Next in the Flyweight jacket lineup is the Flyweight Access Hoody, a go-to for chilly sessions in the backcountry. The hoody balances warmth and breathability for hard-charging performance. Built from recycled micro-ripstop polyester in the main body, the Access Hoody also utilizes Polartec® Power Grid™ along the sides and underarms for an unmatched warmth to weight ratio and a totally unhindered range-of-motion. Like the Shell Jacket, the Access Hoody also features a fixed hood, a zippered stretch mesh pocket, two zippered hand pockets and stretch cuffs for easy on/off.

Finally, the Flyweight Access Fishing Jacket, another lightweight, stashable option for those days when you just don’t know what the weather is going to do. With an open Power Grid™ Fleece back, the Flyweight Access Jacket offers warmth to fight morning chills and breathability that lends aid during remote ventures. Like the other jackets in the Flyweight Collection, the Flyweight Access Jacket also comes equipped with a zippered stretch mesh chest pocket, two-zippered hand pockets, and stretch cuffs for easy on/off.