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Anatomy of a Steelheader — Wil Flack
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Born and raised in British Columbia, steelheading is in Wil Flack’s DNA. Spending the majority of his year guiding for bonefish, permit and tarpon out of the Tres Pescados Fly Shop in San Pedro, Belize, as each summer comes to … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Steelheader — Darren Wright
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For most, waking up before the sun has even thought about rising on a cold, drizzly morning is reason enough to roll over, and go back to sleep. That’s most people — steelheaders on the other hand are on their second … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Steelheader — Mia Sheppard
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With steelhead season in full swing, nailing down a guide for an interview isn’t exactly an easy task. Just like any other angler who’s been bit by steelhead, Simms Ambassador, Mia Sheppard has been spending as much time on the water as … Continue reading

Public Lands, a Birthright
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Maintaining public access to the places we love to fish Public land is a birthright and rightfully belongs to all Americans who depend on them for access, angling opportunity and economic security. In an increasingly crowded West where open space … Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Simms 2013 Catalog
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It’s here and it’s looking good. Check out the new Simms 2013 Catalog. The Simms 2013 Catalog is here and shipping very soon. This year’s catalog took us to Belize, the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Yellowstone National Park and … Continue reading

Steelhead by the Numbers
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I’ve been fishing for a week and my biggest fish has been 29 inches, not 30. It makes no sense at all but it’s really under my skin. There’s no 13th floor. But there is a lucky number 7. If … Continue reading