Socks and Underwear – the Unsung (and Unseen) Hero of Gift Giving Season.

Give the Gift that Keeps Giving All Fishing Season Long.

So here we are in the midst of holiday shopping season. This time of year is branded as fun and festive, but often times, the gift giving aspect takes away from what’s advertised – especially when the time comes to check the angler in your life off your shopping list.

Hardcore anglers seemingly already have it all. Newbies might not know exactly what they need. Not to mention – obvious necessities like rods, reels, waders and boots don’t exactly reflect stocking stuffer prices. So what’s a shopper to do? The answer is simple — lean on an old holiday standby — socks and underwear.

We’re not talking about Fruit of the Loom and we’re not talking about argyle gold toes. We’re talking about the unsung (and unseen) heroes of any proper fishing kit. We’re talking about technical, performance-driven gear that keep extremities warm and functional, toasty layering options that offer mobility, and prolong the life of waders and/or fishing bibs. So sit back, relax, enjoy a stiff glass of egg nog and hook up the angler in your life with a gift they’ll be thanking you for all fishing season long.


Even in our day-to-day lives — shoes fit better with quality socks. When wearing any kind of technical footwear, such as a wading boot, the way your sock fits and feels directly correlates to how your boot fits and feels. Not to mention, quality socks keep your feet warm. The Simms’ men’s and women’s Merino Thermal OTC Sock provides an outstanding fit, comfy next-to-skin feel, and incredible warmth. Extending all the way up past the calf, the OTC socks are naturally wicking, feature reinforced midfoot supports as well as a reinforced heel and toe. Best of all, because we all know just how funky fishing socks can be after a day of hard use, anglers will be glad to know that the OTC Socks are odor resistant. If you like what you hear about the Merino Thermal OTC Sock but are one of those anglers that prefers a thinner sock, Simms also offers the Merino Midweight OTC Sock as well.

But maybe you’re looking for something that doesn’t run so high up your leg. We get it — for some situations, a shorter sock is needed. Simms Merino Midweight Hiker Sock ( available in Men’s and Women’s) has become a fan favorite ever since it was introduced. These socks run up to the bottom of the calf. Just like the OTC, the hiker socks are also naturally wicking, odor resistant and feature cushioning in high impact areas. And once again, if you prefer a thinner variation, we’ve got you covered with the Merino Lightweight Hiker Sock (Men’s and Women’s versions).


Now that we’ve covered some of our favorite socks, it’s time to move on to the unmentionables. What you wear under your waders really depends on how warm you want to be throughout your fishing day. Before we make our recommendations, we’d like to offer the following: PLEASE — DO NOT WEAR JEANS UNDER YOUR WADERS! Trust us, you will undoubtedly be uncomfortable and you will be killing the life of your waders. Plus, we make killer pieces specifically designed to be worn under waders and bibs! Some of our favorites are below.

For chilly mornings that promise rising temps throughout the day, the Men’s Lightweight Baselayer Top and Bottom are our go-to next-to-skin layering option. Soft, warm, but not too warm, this layering combo boasts a super low profile that won’t hinder rowing, casting, hiking, or any other angling motion. Constructed from moisture wicking, anti-odor fabrics, the Lightweight Core Top features raglan sleeves and flatlock seams for added comfort and stellar on water performance.

Fish in colder climates or deep into the winter? If so, the Lightweight Core Top and Bottom simply isn’t going to cut it. Here in Montana, on the days we know most anglers will stay home due to the cold, we opt for the Midweight Core Top – Quarter Zip and Bottom. Once again, this fishing focused underwear features anti-odor, wicking fabrics that help generate heat by moving moisture away from your body. Yes, it’s slightly bulkier than the Lightweight Core Top and Bottom, but every bit as comfy and mobile.

We understand and love the fact that plenty of women also like to get after it despite bitterly cold conditions. For maximum layering warmth for women, we highly recommend the Women’s Heavyweight Baselayer and Midweight Core Legging. Fully functional on the water but also unmatched when it comes to post fishing lounging.