Simms 720


As we celebrate the first few days of summer, this is a good time to take stock of summer fishing goals.

Like at a lot of companies, here at Simms we meet every quarter to plot out strategy, catch up on important company initiatives and just to connect with each other in one room.  And each time we set goals.  This quarter?  Simms 720.

No, we haven’t installed a half-pipe at Simms (although many here wouldn’t balk at rekindling skateboarding roots).  Instead, we decided to set a goal for numbers of fishing days for July-September of this year.  We all think it’s a grand idea because, heck, most of us already look for any reason at all to hit the water. To track, we are going to keep a running tally–a fishing journal of sorts–so we can see if we can get to this goal.

So this begs the question of: What are your fishing goals this summer?  Maybe it’s how many days do you want to fish.  Or, maybe a person you want to fish with more often. Or, a specific fish species you want to chase.

Here’s to summer and the fishing goals we all hope to achieve.