Shoot, Direct, Edit — Jessica Haydahl Does It All.

Happy International Women’s Day. To honor the day, we’d like to highlight photographer/outdoorswomen, Jessica Haydahl. It’s especially fitting to feature Jessica today not only because she’s an amazing outdoorswoman/photographer, but her latest project, Dropped In the Pacific, is a film that features seven women on the adventure of a lifetime and it’s only days away from its debut on the 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

The film takes place on infamous Christmas Island, a small atoll many consider bonefish Mecca. Aside from the amazing videography, fishing sequences, and beautiful backdrops, Jessica’s work in Dropped In The Pacific completely captures the essence of what makes all fishing adventures special – camaraderie.

Together as a group, these seven women share their experiences, as well as the joys and difficulties they encountered but most importantly, they reflect on what the sport of fly fishing brings to their lives.

Check out the Q&A below and learn more about Jessica, her work as a full-time, female photographer/videographer in the outdoor space and her latest film, Dropped In The Pacific.

Check out the Full Trailer for Dropped In the Pacific Below and Don’t Miss the Debut on the 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour.