Meet Camo Connoisseur, Joe Skinner

In Depth with the Creator of Simms All-New Riparian Camo, a Pattern Designed to Up Your Odds Against Distinguishing Trout.

Ask any angler who chases spooky fish what their favorite aspect of the game is and you’ll get the same response:  It’s like hunting. And they’re right. Hunting and this type of fishing are nearly one in the same. Whether it’s sneaking around in the mountains for elk, or getting into to the perfect casting position to present a dry fly to a sipping brown trout — both types of stalks place the utmost importance on stealth. Hunters have been wearing camouflage to blend in to their surroundings since the beginning of time, so doesn’t it make sense to do the same when hunting fish? We certainly think so, which is why we partnered with the best in the concealment business, Veil Camo. Since this partnership started, Veil has cranked out a handful of fish focused camouflage patterns. Check out our conversation below with Veil’s founder, Joe Skinner and learn a little bit more about his obsession, his company, and the design and development process of Simms’ brand new pattern, Riparian Camo.