G4 Pro™ Jacket — What Guides Are Saying

With the Award Winning G4 Pro™ Jacket — guides fear no weather.

After over a year of development, Simms released a new iteration of the G4 Pro™ Jacket in July of this year. With the goal of creating a super rugged, lighter weight and more breathable G4 Pro™, Simms’ design team did all of their homework and paid extra close attention to every single aspect of this jacket. The end result was exactly what we hoped for — the baddest, most weatherproof jacket the world has ever seen. After its release, we couldn’t wait for the feedback from our guides to start rolling in. Here are a few quick quotes from a handful of guides who have already begun putting the G4 Pro™ Jacket through its paces.

“Clean and easy entry makes this the first jacket I look forward to putting on. The barometer of a great rain jacket is that you don’t feel like tearing it off at the end of the day. Wearing Simms rain gear lets me know at the beginning of the day that I’ll be dry at the end of the day.” –Mark Raisler; Montana

“To create a shell you can live in under the worst conditions, it is all about the attention to detail. Simms has left no stone unturned with the new G4 Pro™ Jacket. From enhanced dry cuffs, improved storm hood and collar, and abrasion resistant rip stop fabric, no season is too harsh.” –Landon Mayer; Colorado

“Feels like I am not wearing a bomber rain-jacket when in fact I am. The cut and drape are spot-on (at least for my frame and layering), so when I move around (casting, netting fish, catching planes, etc), my range and motion isn’t inhibited by the jacket – even with a backpack and sling bag. Good all-around top layer, rain or not.” – Mark Hieronymus; Alaska

“Nestled in a shell of coziness, this jacket is the epitome of cool comfort! No matter what mother nature throws at me, I can feel secure in the fact that the G4 will keep me completely shielded from the elements, rain, hail, snow and wind. From the fantastic cuff design to the perfect pocket placement — the back pouch to the recessed retractors — everything about the G4 screams practicality. The G4’s GORE-TEX® Pro Shell is arguably the toughest, most breathable fabric on the planet; marry this to lightweight construction and you have a recipe for the ultimate fishing jacket. The dense New Zealand bush reigns as one of the most inhospitable fly fishing environments on the planet with four seasons in one day every day. The G4 packs small, hits big and wins in every regard. It’s a hard road finding the perfect fishing jacket — but I’ve found it.” –Andrew Harding; New Zealand

“Jackpot! The Simms G4 Pro™ Jacket deals a hot hand to the cold weather angler. Dependable protection, comfort and style combined with ample storage space. It comes fully loaded with low profile retractors, an interior pocket, submersible cuffs that don’t grab fly lines, pit zips and a stealthy fly patch. In the world of specialized angling armor, Simms has upped the ante.” Arlo Townsend; Nevada

Learn more about the G4 Pro™ Jacket here.