Fish Longer and Harder With Simms Right Angle® Footbed

Finally, the end of winter is in sight, which means it’s time to prep for the longer fishing sessions that come with spring and summer. Whether it’s long hikes to secret stretches of river or dawn to dusk tarpon missions, we all spend a ton of time on our feet this time of  year. Sore feet, tired legs, and achy backs have pretty much become accepted side effects of hard fishing. However, with the right foundation, you’ll be surprised at how much longer and harder you can fish without feeling it when it’s time to do it again the following morning. Simms Right Angle® Footbed (RAF) debuted in the award winning Currents Shoe. Because of its popularity, the RAF has found it’s way into a wide array of Simms footwear. Here’s the entire collection and a little more info about how the RAF will help you fish longer and harder.

So what exactly is the RAF? “The RAF was designed to put your feet and therefore, the rest of your body into the correct angle — the right angle.” Says Simms Footwear Product Line Manager and Developer, Vince Garofalo. “If I was asked to give a developer type definition of RAF, I would say, it’s a specifically engineered, biomechanically correct arch support. In layman’s terms, it’s a footbed that provides the correct support for your entire body from the ground up.”

The point Vince is making is — what’s going on with your feet has a major effect on what’s going on with the rest of your body. If you think about it, your feet are the foundations of your entire skeletal system. In other words, if something is out of alignment at the bottom, it makes sense that something is going to be out of whack at the top. When you stand in a biomechanically correct stance, your feet, ankles and knees are straight which allows for an even distribution of weight across your entire foot platform. Ultimately, this is what alleviates aches, pains and stress on your lower back, shoulders and even your neck.

Top Row Left to Right: Currents Shoe, Challenger Boat Shoe, Westshore Leather Shoe, Westshore Leather Slip-On, Riprap Shoe

Second Row: Riprap Sandal, Transit Slide, Women’s Riprap Sandal, Women’s Currents Shoe, Women’s Clearwater Sandal

Once you’ve decided on a pair of shoes featuring RAF that meets your fishing demands, you’ll feel the difference right away. When you first slip into a shoe with the RAF, you’ll notice a pronounced bubble under your arch. You will also feel support on the rear side on the inside part of the arch. Finally, you’ll feel more stability on the lateral part of the foot. All of these points are doing exactly what the footbed was designed for — to put your foot into a biomechancially correct or neutral position. It’s because most shoes (definitely not fishing shoes) are not performance driven pieces of equipment, that you feel an immediate difference. It’s also important to note, the more you wear any show with a RAF, the more customized it’s going to feel. Eventually, the RAF will mold to your foot shape. In time, your body weight will begin to break down the entire footbed to accommodate the natural shape of your foot.

When the bite is on, it becomes all to easy to ignore what your body is telling you. With spring and summer fast approaching, prepare to fight fish — not fatigue.