Basic GORE-TEX® Wader Repair

Fix Minor Wader Leaks in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Simms Repair Technician, Cameron McDonald Walks You Through
Basic At Home Wader Repair

Since the very beginning, Simms has remained committed to handcrafting the finest waders in the world. In essence, the process is relatively simple. We start by solving problems with angler driven designs and development. Next, these designs are brought to life by marrying together the most cutting-edge materials we can find by the skillful hands of our wader makers – the men and women who work day in and day out under the benchmark of perfection.

Our waders are built for anglers who demand unmatched performance season after season. While we wholeheartedly stand behind the durability of our waders, we understand that after a certain amount of use, a little maintenance might be required. Simms proudly designs, develops, and builds all of our GORE-TEX® Waders at our Bozeman, Montana facility. We are also proud to offer a full service, in-house repair center that is run by a team of men and women dedicated to keeping our customers on the water, leak-free. No doubt, this is a unique and amazing resource but what a lot of anglers might not realize, basic repairs can be successfully executed in the comfort of their own home.

For bigger jobs such as tears, or major punctures, your best option is to work with our in-house repair experts, but for basic repairs, such as small pinholes, don’t be afraid to tackle the job yourself. In this video, Simms Repair Technician, Cameron McDonald walks you through the basic process of repairing pinholes in GORE-TEX® waders so that you can get back on the water in short order.

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