About Scott Sommerlatte

Scott Sommerlatte is a Simms Guide Ambassador and fly fishing and hunting guide who works primarily out of the Port O’Connor/Seadrift area of Texas. He has now been fishing and hunting these areas for 25 years and has been guiding fly fishermen full time for over a decade. Scott has also made a name for himself as an outdoor photographer and writer. His credits can been seen in numerous national and regional fishing and hunting magazines such as Salt Water Sportsman, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Shallow Water Angler, Sportsman, Tide, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, Sport Fishing and Saltwater Fly Fishing magazines and in the Lone Star Outdoor News. Visit Scott at scottsommerlatte.com.

So You Really Want To Be A Fishing Guide?

A fishing guide tells a cautionary tale

If there is one thing a fly fishing guide that makes his/her living in the brine despises is the client hook-set or… better known as the pre-mature ejerkulations. We assume that all anglers know that you strip until the line comes tight and then, only then, do you rotate your body, utilizing the butt of the rod to drive the hook home. It doesn’t have to be fast, only firm and diliberate. Well what if the fish are following the fly and eat the fly coming at you and if you don’t strike quick, well they just spit the the fly? Continue reading