About Simms

Established in 1980, Simms Fishing Products is the recognized leader in guide-quality fishing waders, outerwear, footwear and apparel. Their full line of gear is available at specialty and large format retailers nationwide.

Prepping For The Season

Gian Bittner & Fly

How does the Simms Team spend their Wednesday evenings in the depths of a Montana Winter when all they want to do is get out and fish? They tie flies.

Several members from Simms’ Core Angling Group (more on that later) volunteered to teach a tying class one day a week for six weeks. The volunteers rotated to keep the class fresh and fun – each volunteer demonstrated how to tie one of their favorite (and hopefully most productive) fly patterns. Continue reading

A Right of Spring

Springtime on the water

As the fishing heats up this spring, time to take stock in what really matters.

You know it is spring by the increase in drift boats in the parking lot here at Simms and the constant chatter of fishing, fly tying and longer days on the water. But, perhaps more important, you also know it’s spring when Warriors & Quiet Water Foundation brings its first group of warriors to Simms.  Each year we have the honor to host veterans as they learn about fly fishing and the beauty of Montana.  And that they are clad in Simms gear makes it even more special. Continue reading


Oregon Steelhead

Asher Koles and Brandon Tillotson are exploring the migratory path of our beloved steelhead–and the obsession of those who chase them.

Asher and Brandon of Bloodknots Fly Fishing grabbed their spey rods and film gear, met up with their buddy Brian Roller of Twig Media Lab and headed to a few of the pinnacle steelhead rivers in Oregon. They met up with notable steelhead guides and Simms Ambassadors, Mia (profiled here) and Marty Sheppard, Bryan Silvey and Tom Larimer. Continue reading

Hanging Out With Mia Sheppard


Chasing steelhead, shredding pow and cranking Dolly Parton. An interview with Simms Guide Ambassador Mia Sheppard.

It has been reported that you were attracted to your husband Marty Sheppard after seeing him cast a spey rod. Is it possible casting a fly rod won your heart? Yes, casting a spey rod did win my heart.  Well and Marty’s charm!

Would he say the same thing?  No, I won his heart in the Ratskeller Bar, kicking ass at pool.   We were in our 20’s, living the snowboarding dream in Government Camp, Oregon.

One day, one river…what would you fish and why?  I would fish the John Day River. I’m so in love with the that river. It’s a desert river in the middle of nowhere. Very few people fish it. The smell of sage brush fills my lungs and the steelhead are wild and beautiful.  It’s a very special place. The third longest free flowing river in the Lower 48, without a hatchery. Continue reading

Bonding On The Creek

The Simms Team

The Simms crew hit DePuy Spring Creek again for its annual spring day out on the water. And once again, the good times ensued.

40 Simms staff members took to the stream and river this past weekend to share fishing tips, a bunch of laughs, test the best gear around and face Mother Nature head on.  The brainchild of the Simms Core Angling Team (a group of the hard core anglers at the company), the annual trip to DePuy Spring Creek in Livingston, Montana was it’s usual good time.  And while the weather in March is always a little iffy (and it was on this day!), it doesn’t really matter as the main point is to celebrate our common bond of fishing. And celebrate we did.  Continue reading

Look Good and Do Good

Save the Cutts

This year you can help preserve the Yellowstone Cutthroat and look good doing it.

We have spoken previously about the plight of the Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. In short, things haven’t been looking so good for this prized fish over the past decade or so.  Their numbers have plummeted in their home ground of Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. Continue reading

Gear to the Test: Simms G3 Guide Pant Wader

Mark Raisler Getting Ready For A Day

Mark Raisler, co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop and longtime Missouri River guide, talks the Missouri River and how the SIMMS G3 Guide Pant Wader fits in his repertoire through the year. Most of the year.

I am fortunate to have a few pairs of waders. A G4Z–yes the one with the zipper–for the winter months when I need a pair of waders to not only keep me dry but to keep me warm. These are just fantastic. Far better than I thought they would be. I always thought they were made for the mature generation…my clients, my father, and now, and now me. But, no, they are for everybody. Most of the Headhunters staff rocks this wader. But this article is not about the G4Z. It’s about the G3 Guide Pant. Continue reading

The Science of Gloves and Fish


We test our gloves on the weather all the time. This time, we test them on the fish.

One the great things about fishing is that it is un-masterable.  This means that you can always explore and seek for new angles on how to trick fish.  That curiosity leads to a lifetime of enjoyment on the water.  Our Product Team here in Bozeman is equally curious about the gear that we use in the pursuit of our passion and that led Luke Boswell (Category Manager of Packs, Gloves & Hats) to wonder about the interface between fishing gloves and the fish they handle. Continue reading

Long Live the River Wolf


Simms Guide Ambassador Jako Lucas talks about his year guiding in Mongolia chasing the illusive Taimen.

Flying from Johannesburg–my hometown–to Dubai and from Dubai to Beijing was a breeze, but this is where it starts to get interesting. After not being allowed on the plane to Ulaanbaatar in Beijing for not having the right Visa, I had to try and get a Mongolia Visa in Beijing at 2am in the morning. So let’s just skip 7 hours of sitting at an airport. Continue reading