About Peter Vandergrift

Peter Vandergrift is Simms' Pro Desk Manager where he manages the industry's best collection of pro fishing guides and professional anglers. Peter is an 18 year Montana Outfitter and has guided and fished most places you wish you could have. Best known for his sharp wit, Peter is a proud father of 2 and resident of Livingston, Montana.

Facing Your Fishing Addictions

It helps sometimes to face your addiction head on. At least it does for Simms Pro Desk Manager Pete Vandergrift.

Who doesn’t like sight fishing? I can’t get enough of it. So what are the options in the midst of one of the warmest summers in history and living in the middle of the country?

Well, carp of course. For some time now I’ve met up a few of my longtime fishing buddies for a weekend away from families, clients and home waters to test our skills on, what many believe, are freshwater’s best challenge. This is not only my favorite summertime activity—this has become quite an obsession with many Simms staffers. Simms parking lot is filled with boats jerry-rigged with carpeted platforms.

So when I am asked by carp newbies for a few tips, the long-time guide in me loves to share the wealth. Continue reading