About Louis Cahill

Louis Cahill lives in Atlanta, GA and works everywhere. An advertising photographer with over thirty years experience and about as many holding a fly rod, Louis has spent his life looking through the lens. He’s not interested in what everyone else sees. Get to know Louis @ ginkandgasoline.com.

Steelhead by the Numbers

I’ve been fishing for a week and my biggest fish has been 29 inches, not 30. It makes no sense at all but it’s really under my skin.

There’s no 13th floor. But there is a lucky number 7. If you’re Chinese, the number 4 may give you a little chill. If you’re Buddhist you have 108 reasons to be content. The holy Trinity, the 3 Musketeers, the Triple Crown. Maybe 3 is the magic number? The 4 horsemen, the 7 seals, the 12 Apostles. Why are we so hung up on numbers? 9/11 comes to mind? Continue reading