About Laura Blackman

Laura Blackman is a proud member of the RDSD (Research, Design, Sourcing and Development) Team here at Simms. Her work as Creative Assistant allows her a first-hand look at the awesome new products coming from Simms. Laura is a graduate of Montana State University here in Bozeman and loves to hit the water when not working or watching her beloved Bobcats.

Striper of a lifetime

What happens when you don’t know what you’ve caught? You smile and be thankful.

Rarely do all the stars line up for me on a day of fishing. The days when all the elements that make an incredible day of fishing come together and you catch a giant.

The sun bleached sand of Massachusetts tidal flats are relatively unknown to most who seek sightfishing adventure. If you didn’t know any better, as you are poled across the flats, you may think you were in south Florida or the Caribbean chasing shadows of tarpon. In fact you’re not as these crystal clear New England waters soon reveal the dark back of striped bass. Continue reading