About John Frazier

John Frazier is the Community Specialist at Simms Fishing Products. Fresh or salt, John loves being on or around the water. When he doesn't have a rod in hand, chances he's watching the action unfold through the view finder of his camera while mentally crafting a story.

The Best Waders in the World

Made By Hand. Heart. And Soul

Making the world’s best waders is far from easy and even further from fast. Cutting-edge materials and innovative design are no doubt key ingredients to our recipe. However, the real secret to Simms American-made waders isn’t as much a single hi-tech fabric or tool as it is the skilled and steady hands that bring all of these critical ingredients together. Introducing , The Wader Makers, — Bozeman, Montana-based craftsmen who obsess over fishing, just like you.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been telling stories about the innovative, fish-minded design of Simms waders as well as the breathability, ruggedness and science behind GORE-TEX® fabric. But never before have we told the stories of the talented men and women on the production floor of our state-of-the art wader making facility who one a time — cut, sew and stitch your waders with surgical precision, by hand — the men and women responsible for keeping us all warm, dry and in the moment, day after day, season after season, year after year.

Learn more about Simms Wader Makers here.

Spring Creek Success

A Spring Creek Expert Talks Technique.

No matter what time of year, spring creeks always seem to be a viable option. In the dead of winter, they continue to flow. During the height of runoff, their water remains clear. Best of all, in the spring and summer, spring creeks see some of the most prolific hatches of the year offering dry fly junkie a bug laden paradise. However, even when the water is boiling with risers, spring creek success demands a technically sound approach. Check out the Q&A below with Simms Ambassador and Spring Creek Expert, Brant Oswald and learn how your next hike/wade trip on your local spring creek can become more productive.

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Swearing By Structure

Photo Courtesy Landon Mayer

Photo Courtesy Landon Mayer

Thread the Needle and Fish Structure More Effectively to Catch More and Bigger Trout. By Simms Pro, Landon Mayer.

Just in time for prime hike/wade season, it’s with great pleasure to announce the newest member of the Simms Pro Team. For nearly two decades, Landon Mayer has made a career out of doing what he loves — chasing giant trout with tiny flies on foot. With so many years (and miles) of experience, Landon has developed a tip for virtually every fly fishing situation a hike/wade angler might find themselves in. In 2014, Landon culminated his findings into his second book, 101 Trout Tips, A Guide’s Secrets, Tactics, and Techniques, Headwater/Stackpole BooksTo celebrate the start of the new season, we’ve literally taken the chapter “Swearing By Structure” from his book. Below, Landon explains how you can get better drifts and fish structure more effectively. Take a look and expect to see more great tips from Landon in the near future.

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Tidewater — A Mid-Atlantic Billfish Odyssey

A new film proves you don’t always have to get your passport stamped to experience world-class billfishing.

Fly fishing for billfish isn’t anything new. There are numerous places around the world where it’s not at all uncommon for captains and crews to fly 10 or more billfish release flags from the outriggers as they return to the docks. While catching billfish off the Pacific coasts of places like Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico has become commonplace, doing so in the bluewater of Virginia Beach is another story.

Along with thrill seeker, Art Webb and Brian and Colby Trow of Harrisonburg, Virginia based Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, in early 2014 Nick Swingle of Two Fisted Heart Productions set out to film his most challenging work to date — Tidewater. In the following Q&A, Swingle shares some of the ups, downs and special moments during filming that ultimately made the challenges well worth the reward.

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Make the Most of Winter

Embrace the Winter and Catch More Trout with the Following Tips from Simms Ambassador, Joe Dilschneider.

While many anglers view winter as prime fly tying season, others reap the rewards of vacant water and great fishing. Joe Dilschneider of Ennis, Montana based, Trout Stalkers, has spent the last 23 years as a professional guide, 21 of which have been spent on the renown Madison River. After a long spring, summer and fall season, the self proclaimed trout junkie still hasn’t had his fill. Instead of kicking back in the winter, Dilschneider takes advantage of it. Check out the following Q&A and get the skinny on some of his theories and tactics to catch more trout in during the winter months.

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Trophy Hunting with Chad Johnson

Photo Courtesy Steve Dally of Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher

 Fine Tune Your Streamer Skills with Simms Ambassador, Chad Johnson.

Throwing dries might be the purist way to catch trout, but when it comes to catching the one, take a lesson from a guy who makes a living putting his clients on the biggest browns of their lives with streamers. Chad Johnson of Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher. Born and raised in Mississippi, Johnson now resides a stones throw away from the renown White River in Arkansas. While he happily guides dry fly and nymphers, his true passion and expertise lies in throwing giant streamers to some of the largest brown trout in the world. If you want to up your streamer game, read on and take the advice from one of the best in the biz.
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Behind the Warrior: Phillip Churchill

From Colorado to Afghanistan to Montana — Post Military, Phillip Churchill Finds a Home In Bozeman and a Family with Warriors and Quiet Waters.

After his second deployment to Afghanistan, Phillip Churchill returned to his home state of Colorado. The month was May. Before starting at Montana State University in August to finish his degree, Churchill figured he would spend some much needed time with family, save some money and indulge in a new growing passion — fly fishing. Receiving a bit of Intel from a friend’s father, Churchill parked alongside the Arkansas, a river he had never fished. While piecing his rod together and putting his waders on, a man approached  and asked which way he was going to walk. Churchill informed the man that he wasn’t familiar with the river and that he would gladly walk whichever direction the man wasn’t planning on going. With that, the man headed downstream. Before getting too far, he turned around and approached Churchill again and asked to look at his rig. After a quick inspection, the man suggested a different pattern and headed back downstream. Just like before, he didn’t make it too far before turning back around and approaching Phillip a third time. This time, the man said “You know what, why don’t you join me today, I’ll show you a few good holes.”

Below, Churchill talks about how the generosity he experienced that day changed the rest of his life. He also shares a little bit about his time in the military, his involvement with Warriors and Quiet Waters.

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Fishing is Healing: Behind the Journey of a Warrior

Meet Saul Martinez, Retired Army Infantryman and Purple Heart Recipient and Learn How Fly Fishing Changed Him Forever.

When the attacks on the United States occurred on September 11, 2001, Saul Martinez was a high school sophomore in Bloomington, California. As a young adult, Martinez carried a deep appreciation and strong sense of patriotism for the United States that naturally lead to a growing curiosity about the military. After the attacks on his country, it was no longer a question of if he was going to enlist; it was a matter of when.

Now a medically retired Army Infantryman and Purple Heart recipient, Martinez, along with his wife and children, resides in Bozeman, Montana. We sat down with Saul to talk about his time in the service, his love for fishing and how Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation (WQW) steered his life in a direction he didn’t know he needed to go. Learn more about Simms’ new G3 Guide™ Wader – WQW Limited Edition and how it benefits Warriors and Quiet Waters.
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Anatomy of a Steelheader — Wil Flack

Born and raised in British Columbia, steelheading is in Wil Flack’s DNA. Spending the majority of his year guiding for bonefish, permit and tarpon out of the Tres Pescados Fly Shop in San Pedro, Belize, as each summer comes to a close, the jones to swing flies for the big, wild fish of his youth becomes too much. Now acclimatized to the tropics, each fall, Flack eagerly swaps his flip-flops for bootfoots and other G Series gear for a short guide season on his home waters of the Skeena region. With only a small window of time to scratch his steelhead itch, Flack spends virtually every waking moment on the water regardless of the conditions. Read more about Flack, the Skeena region and his undying obsession with what he calls, the permit of freshwater.

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Anatomy of a Steelheader — Darren Wright

For most, waking up before the sun has even thought about rising on a cold, drizzly morning is reason enough to roll over, and go back to sleep. That’s most people — steelheaders on the other hand are on their second cup of coffee and ready to walk out the door before the alarm they set can even sound. To guides like Darren Wright the drearier more miserable the weather the better the fishing. Here, Wright talks a little about his steelhead addiction, the Steelhead House and some of his go-to G Series products.

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