About John Frazier

John Frazier is the Community Specialist at Simms Fishing Products. Fresh or salt, John loves being on or around the water. When he doesn't have a rod in hand, chances he's watching the action unfold through the view finder of his camera while mentally crafting a story.

Meet Camo Connoisseur, Joe Skinner

In Depth with the Creator of Simms All-New Riparian Camo, a Pattern Designed to Up Your Odds Against Distinguishing Trout.

Ask any angler who chases spooky fish what their favorite aspect of the game is and you’ll get the same response:  It’s like hunting. And they’re right. Hunting and this type of fishing are nearly one in the same. Whether it’s sneaking around in the mountains for elk, or getting into to the perfect casting position to present a dry fly to a sipping brown trout — both types of stalks place the utmost importance on stealth. Hunters have been wearing camouflage to blend in to their surroundings since the beginning of time, so doesn’t it make sense to do the same when hunting fish? We certainly think so, which is why we partnered with the best in the concealment business, Veil Camo. Since this partnership started, Veil has cranked out a handful of fish focused camouflage patterns. Check out our conversation below with Veil’s founder, Joe Skinner and learn a little bit more about his obsession, his company, and the design and development process of Simms’ brand new pattern, Riparian Camo.

Thinking Outside the Boat

Time to Hit the Trail and Find the Fish of a Lifetime

Finally — prime hike/wade season is here. Before you ditch the oars, take a tour of some of our favorite footwear options tailor made for hike/wade enthusiasts.

With steady flows, clean water, and most importantly, good company — floating down your favorite river comes with advantages aplenty. From a tactical standpoint, fishing from a boat allows you to cover tons of water, which almost always enhances the catching aspect of your day. On the social side, floating is a great time to fish in close proximity with your best buds and of course, razz them when they miss a fish. Not to mention, even for anglers who seemingly bring every piece of tackle and equipment they own — in a boat, there’s always ample room to conveniently stash a day’s worth of gear and a cooler full of cold beers — always. On the flip-side, there’s something to be said about leaving the boat at home, throwing all your gear on your back, and bushwhacking your way into spots that would otherwise be inaccessible. Yes, hike/wade fishing comes with a bit of labor but the rewards of connecting with a fish of a lifetime with your feet planted in the riverbed tip the scale in every possible way.

So let’s discuss the main engine that powers anglers who choose to use their own two feet instead or oars to find a piece of untapped water that’s all their own — hike/wade footwear.

Adaptive Waters

Benshi Creative’s Latest Film Showcasing the Power of Community in a Time of Need.

Benshi Creative Presents: Adaptive Waters

So here we are – over half-way through 2020. It’s interesting to look back at the tail end of 2019 and think about just how much life has changed from then to now. Back in October, we were shaking hands, fist-bumping, and hugging industry friends at the IFTD show in Denver. As December approached, we were hard at work balancing inherent holiday chaos with all the work that goes into launching a new product line. Nothing out of the norm. Obviously, a lot has changed since we said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed the arrival of 2020. Since then, we’ve all had to adapt in at least one way, shape, or form.

In March of this year, along with many other brands in the outdoor space, Simms recognized a void in Personal Protective Equipment for medical professionals on the front lines in the fight against Covid-19. In short order, Simms’ product and leadership team set out to utilize the skills of our staff, our equipment, and manufacturing space to help fill this void. By the beginning of April, the men and women who under normal circumstances, painstakingly build our GORE-TEX® Waders began production on reusable medical gowns. Throughout all of the challenges the world has been faced with over the last few months, for those of us at Simms, our PPE efforts have been a true bright spot.

About the same time we were finalizing the patterns and process of our medical gowns, a young and hungry crew from Bozeman, Montana’s Benshi Creative was en route to Alaska for the assignment of a lifetime — a multi-week heli-skiing filming adventure.

As many people and businesses had to do, the Benshi team made the tough decision to cut their trip incredibly short. In fact, as soon as they landed in Alaska, they turned around and headed back home to Montana. Upon their arrival, the team immediately quarantined. During that time, they realized they had to adapt and asked the question “What’s an impactful story that we can tell in our own backyard?” As the days of quarantine passed, Benshi became aware of Simms’ PPE efforts. Inspired by Simms’ ability to adapt and launch a project designed to help so many people, Benshi knew this was a story they wanted to tell. In their latest film, Adaptive Waters, Benshi’s goal was to showcase the power of community and highlight what kind of outcomes are possible when support for the greater good is motivated by humanity rather than profit.

The Perfect Fit

How to Measure Yourself for a Perfect Fitting Wader

A Few Basic Measurements Will Help You Select a Wader With the Perfect Fit

You know what’s a pain? Getting fitted for a suit. However, when you take the time and accurately take all the appropriate measurements, you end up looking pretty sharp. You know what’s more fun than wearing a suit? Wearing waders. Interestingly enough, the process of selecting the perfect size wader is actually pretty similar to finding a suit that fits you just right. Just like a suit, you want the fit of your waders to be as tailored as possible. This is why when it comes to Simms waders, you’re never going to see a size chart that offers run of the mill sizing like: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large.

At Simms, we take fit very seriously. Sure, we want you to look good on the water but more than that, we want our waders to perform at the highest level day after day, week after week, year after year. What we’ve found is that one of the best ways to achieve this goal is to really dial in the fit of our waders for all kinds of body types. For example, this is why when you look at the size chart of our Men’s G3 Guide™ Stockingfoot Wader, you notice that you have the option to choose from 19 standard sizes. Again, those are standard options – we also offer a half dozen or so custom options as well.

When you take the time and properly measure yourself for a wader that fits perfectly, you’re going to be more comfortable, you will have a much better range of motion, and yes – you’ll look good. But, in addition to performance, you’re also going to add to the longevity of your waders. When a wader has a tailored fit, you’re not going to have material that’s weakened by bunching, creasing, or rubbing against itself.

In short, the better a wader fits, the better it’s going to perform and the longer it’s going to last. So when it comes time to purchase your next wader – do yourself a favor and check out the video above and take the time to accurately measure yourself for that perfect fit.   

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Basic GORE-TEX® Wader Repair

Fix Minor Wader Leaks in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Simms Repair Technician, Cameron McDonald Walks You Through
Basic At Home Wader Repair

Since the very beginning, Simms has remained committed to handcrafting the finest waders in the world. In essence, the process is relatively simple. We start by solving problems with angler driven designs and development. Next, these designs are brought to life by marrying together the most cutting-edge materials we can find by the skillful hands of our wader makers – the men and women who work day in and day out under the benchmark of perfection.

Our waders are built for anglers who demand unmatched performance season after season. While we wholeheartedly stand behind the durability of our waders, we understand that after a certain amount of use, a little maintenance might be required. Simms proudly designs, develops, and builds all of our GORE-TEX® Waders at our Bozeman, Montana facility. We are also proud to offer a full service, in-house repair center that is run by a team of men and women dedicated to keeping our customers on the water, leak-free. No doubt, this is a unique and amazing resource but what a lot of anglers might not realize, basic repairs can be successfully executed in the comfort of their own home.

For bigger jobs such as tears, or major punctures, your best option is to work with our in-house repair experts, but for basic repairs, such as small pinholes, don’t be afraid to tackle the job yourself. In this video, Simms Repair Technician, Cameron McDonald walks you through the basic process of repairing pinholes in GORE-TEX® waders so that you can get back on the water in short order.

For more inquiries on repairs, reach out to repairs@simmsfishing.com

Forcing the Feed

Take Control. Don’t Give Them Time to Think. Get More Bites.

Size, power, acrobatic displays – tarpon scratch virtually every angling itch. In fact, when we do seal the deal with a tarpon, we are rewarded with so much satisfaction, we’re basically left unsatisfied until we connect with the next one. Connection doesn’t happen without the bite – and the bite doesn’t happen without the feed. Feeding is everything. It’s a skill that rivals the importance of presentation — and, it’s a skill that’s put into practice when pressure is at its peak. If you want to learn how to force the feed from a true master, check out the invaluable conversation below with one of the best in the business, Simms Pro, David Mangum.

Low Light Equals Best Bite

Take Advantage of Low Light Conditions. By Simms Pro Team Member, Landon Mayer.

We all love those bright sunny, warm days but often times, “ideal conditions” don’t always lead to the best action. Here, Simms Pro Team member, Landon Mayer shares a chapter from his book, 101 Trout Tips, A Guide’s Secrets, Tactics and Techniques, (Headwaters/Stackpole Books) on how you can time your fishing sessions to take advantage of low light conditions.

The Problem: I  see fish in bright conditions, but they shy away from my flies.
The Solution: Make a mental note on where the fish were located and pursue them in low-light conditions the same day, or another day when the weather is bad.

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Yakutia — A Siberian Exploration

Go Behind the Scenes of Capt. Jack Productions’ Latest Film.

The Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) kicks off in Denver this weekend and like many of you, all of us here at Simms are stoked to check out all the new films and tip a few beers back in the process. One film we are extra excited for comes from Capt. Jack Productions. Founder, Jako Lucas, is the kind of guy who is perpetually days away from his next off the grid adventure. So before he could escape to Gabon on his next angling quest, we snuck in a quick Q&A to learn more about his latest film, Yakutia and why it’s his favorite piece to date.

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A Hike/Wade Guide’s Most Memorable Death March

Photo: Phil Tereyla

Photo: Phil Tereyla

High Mountain Strain and Success with Simms Pro, Landon Mayer.

Is hiking upwards of 10 miles in a single day to find willing fish necessary? Absolutely not. However, when you do find yourself that far from the trailhead, the promise of experiencing something truly special runs high.

That’s the mentality Simms Pro, Landon Mayer carries with him every day he spends on the trail/on the water. After 20 years as hike/wade guide in Colorado’s South Platte region, Landon has logged his fair share of death marches but out of all of them, there’s one that stands out.

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Reap the Rewards of Fall

Tips to Take Full Advantage of the Fall. By Simms Ambassador, Mark Raisler.

Why is fall so much better than the spring when the mayflies first show? Why do I get more excited than the first caddis emergence of the summer? Than the early morning and late evening dry fly periods that rival any season of the year? Than the aggressive hopper attacks of mid and late summer? Why do I find the fall arrival so very slow as the remnants of summer finally fade? Oh, lots of reasons. Read more and learn how Simms Ambassador, Mark Raisler of Head Hunters Fly Shop takes advantage of the fall season.

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