About Cameron McDonald

Cameron works at Simms and was born & raised in good ol' Bozeman Montana. He is a fifth generation Montanan with roots spreading out to the eastern reaches of the state. Like many born or raised here, he spent his entire childhood outdoors. His love for adventure still burns fierce, and so out on the water, or in the forest, is where you will find him. It wasn't long before he started to develop a passion for getting the shot and thus spawned his passion for great photography.

From the Field: Curtis Ciszek


Some might say that being a professional snowboarder and fishing bum is the perfect life. Curtis Ciszek might be proving that out.

Simms team member (and awesome photographer) Cameron McDonald follows his passion of fishing and riding by connecting with those pushing the limits on snow and in the water.

The thing about fly fishing, as we know, is that it is extremely addicting. And this addiction spurs a year round passion to chase fish – be that in Belize for permit and tarpon, or stateside swinging for Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

We had a chat with some guys that know something about chasing their passions…and chasing fish all year long.  The first one happens to be a professional snowboarder. He puts in long hours on the road or in the air (or by snowmobile) searching for prime pow turns, pillows lines, or sometimes hunting for unique features on city streets. But we wouldn’t be talking to him unless he also fished a ton! Continue reading