About Brant Oswald

Brant Oswald is a teacher at heart, and his job is to share the knowledge he's gained over a lifetime of fishing and teaching, whether in a class or on the water with a client. Brant shares his love for spring creeks and sight fishing with clients on the well-known spring creeks of the Yellowstone’s Paradise Valley - Armstrong, Nelson’s and DePuy’s.

2 Dries, 2 Fish — 20 lbs. of NZ Brown Trout

Simms Ambassador, Brant Oswald Reflects on his 2015 Trip to the South Island of New Zealand.

For most folks, the concept of a Montana fly fishing guide conjures up a vision of someone sitting in the rower’s seat of a drift boat. Don’t get me wrong, I love to row, and there aren’t many better experiences in angling than standing in the front knee braces, watching a dry fly drift into a juicy piece of water on the Yellowstone. But hike/wading is a very different experience and requires different fishing (and guiding) skills than float fishing. As a guide who specializes in hike/wade trips on the Paradise Valley spring creeks, I often feel my fellow guides wonder what I do every day without a set of oars in my hands. Over the years, my guiding style has come to emphasize sight fishing more and more, partially because it is so effective (and fun), but also because it allows me to introduce clients to a new set of angling skills. So it was natural that I would end up in New Zealand, perhaps the premier destination in the world to sight fishing for trout.

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