An Unreal Day in Iceland

13,2 KG

In 6 casts, Nils Jørgensen Lives out a dream fishing for large browns in Iceland on light tackle.

Once in a life time, even after a whole life of angling, it is possible to experience something that wipes the board. This evening certainly did that for me.

Light breeze, drifting clouds, light showers is what I prefer here and today I got it. On the first spot, there were some fish showing, but after an hour and no takes, we tried another area. There were a few but quite big fish showing. I tried with a nymph but no takes – only a few spooked fish. I rested the area and put on a white/grey Nobbler, cast it out and on the first pull, it was taken.

The fish went off like all fish do here in Iceland – in a very long run that reminds me of a train. When the fish didn’t stop after 50 meters, that was to be a clue that this is not just a fish of 3-5 kg. This one continued and at around 120 meters, I started to fear that I might run out of backing so I started to push the fish big time. It showed itself far out, but it seemed to need some recovering time now. I started pulling line in, but the #6 did it slow, the fish was one heavy thing to move and every time it banged its head, I feared it would break the line since the rod was pretty much flexed to the limit. He came closer and was almost in the landing net, but then the same story was repeated. I was now pretty sure that either the line would break or the fly would pull. It happens often times when getting into a bigger fish here.

Eventually the fish was as tired as me. The last few meters are often the hardest. To turn a big fish on light tackle and pull the last meters into the net is a nightmare. You have seen the fish and often it breaks off here. The fish was very tired but I could not manage the last meter to the net. So I waded out in the deep water to try and net the fish. Five more minutes back and forth and I managed to net it and got a great surprise.

It was a true monster, much bigger than I thought. It was a true dream fish and it was in my net. The Salter scale revealed 10,9 kg1! This brought out the best angling joy possible. How crazy is this? 10,9 kg brown trout landed! The fish was returned to its home and a long break of joy was inhaled on the bank. What just happened?

After some time, some other fish started showing. First I did not react due the 10,9 kg toxins in my veins, but eventually the fish swimming nearby provoked me enough to make an attempt. I down sized the tippet, put on a Black Gnat wet fly and did a few lazy casts. On the fifth cast, the fly was taken and a fish swam around close for some minutes before jumping two times and then setting off like the other one. The story from the 10,9 kg was repeated, but this was worse. I almost could not move the fish and it just kept on going. It was endless.

I was getting convinced that the fish was fool hooked since it was close to being impossible to move. I decided just to give it all I got after 30 minutes and if it breaks off, so be it. The fish came in very slow and took off again over and over again. But when it got tired and came to the netting phase of the fight, the second round of the battle set in and it was intense. I could now see the fish clearly and it was a beauty. I touched it around 10 times with the net when it turned and took a few meters again like a big fat cow. I waded deeper and followed the unstoppable fish around but then it happened – I lifted the net around it.

I could not believe this, the fish was even bigger and more fat than the first. It was perfect, absolutely beyond anything I would ever expect to experience. I have dreamt of a perfectly fit brown trout over 10 kg but the Salter scale stopped at 13,2 kg2! What just happened again? Is this real?

What went on here is most likely a once in a lifetime experience. I have fished a lot during May and caught around 40 wild ice age brown trout on this location. Most of them are between 2 and 5 kg topped with monsters of 6,2; 6,5; 7,2; 8,8 and 11,2 kg. Quite a few big ones have been lost which happens often to me. Light leaders are needed to get the takes and the fish are outstandingly strong. Two times I have had to block fish because of lack of backing and then broke them off.

This May has been really good for me and I have landed so many fish that are not average. And then ending up with two monsters like this, I’m still digesting this story. A 13,2 kg perfect brown trout is just out of my imagination to understand but without a doubt my best angling experience.

Editor’s Note: Some people are fishy.  If you talk to our good friends in Europe, Nils Jørgensen is one of those dudes.  Nils is on the Simms Testing Team and is one of the anglers we seek out for feedback when we are there.  And he does guiding and fly fishing instruction in the summer.  You can see his other passion – design – here.

1For those not well versed in kg/lbs conversions, a 10,9 kg brown weighs 22 lbs.
2For those not well versed in kg/lbs conversions, a 13,2 kg brown weighs 29.1 lbs.

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