Your Fish Story Can Win You A Trip To Yellowstone

YNP Blogger Tour 2012 Here at Simms we think highly of our native friend, the Yellowstone cutthroat.  Unfortunately, over the past 15 years, the cutthroat has facing myriad obstacles to its growth and sustainability.  From the lake trout infestation in Yellowstone Lake to rainbow and brown populations in other parts of its historical range, the gashed beauty has seen better days.

Sometimes you have to say “Enough!” and we are at that point.  So what did we do?  We got together with our friends at Trout Unlimited, the nation’s vanguard for native trout populations and habitat, the Yellowstone Park Foundation who works tirelessly to protect the Yellowstone ecosystem, and the Outdoor Blogger Network to sponsor a writing competition.

This works quite easily.  We are extending the invitation for all the writers out there to write about Yellowstone National Park and the importance of keeping its fish and wildlife populations intact and healthy.  Pretty simple, right?  We think so.  And the writers of the two top posts will enjoy three (3) days of fishing for wild and native trout inside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park and get a first-hand view of conservation efforts in the Park.  And that’s not all. The top 10 essays earn great prizes from all of the sponsors, including awesome gear from Simms!

So do yourself a favor.  Head over to the Blogger Tour 2012 and channel your inner Gierach or McGuane or Bass or Hemingway.  Or simply use the “Click Here To Enter” link below.  In the process, you can help raise awareness for a species too precious to let falter. (Also…if you need some inspiration, check out the photo gallery below from our friends at the Yellowstone Park Foundation.)


  • Chris

    Outstanding! Thanks for the good work, Simms!

  • Very cool. thx for sponsoring this important work.