Welcome To The Wading Room

We’re excited to launch our blog, and hope you will visit us often.

Welcome to The Wading Room!  We’re excited to launch our blog, and hope you will visit us often.  Our goal is to give you a place to discuss critical issues threatening our fisheries, take you around the world to exotic fishing locales and introduce you to techniques and gear choices that will help you get more out of fishing.  In addition, The Wading Room will provide glimpses inside Simms.  I am proud to lead a team of more than 100 that not only produce great products, but have amazing stories of their own.  We look forward to sharing more about Simms, getting your important product feedback and connecting with you in The Wading Room.

Since John Simms founded our company in 1980, Simms has had one simple goal – to keep anglers dry, comfortable and out on the water as long and as often as possible.  While we use some of the most advanced materials in the world, and have the last operating wader factory in the USA, our products work best when you don’t notice them at all.

We hope to see you stopping by The Wading Room often.  If you have any ideas on how to make it even better, let us know at wadingroom@simmsfishing.com.

K.C. Walsh

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About Simms

Established in 1980, Simms Fishing Products is the recognized leader in guide-quality fishing waders, outerwear, footwear and apparel. Their full line of gear is available at specialty and large format retailers nationwide.
  • Lyle

    Super excited to come back and read more articles. Nice work Simms!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Lyle.  Couldn’t have done it without the great folks of Massive.

  • Tony

    Great to hear Simms starting their own blog…… Hope to hear great things on new product lines and events!!!

    • You will hear great things about the new product line and events coming your way, Tony.  Thanks for stopping by.

  • Good job folks, it must be tough at the top, but you guys are sure doing  one hell of a job keeping us fishers warm and dry, keep up the good work Bozeman  from a cold and frosty Scotland

    • Thanks, James.  And we promise to continue our passion of keeping you on the water longer.  Stay warm out there in Scotland.

  • Doc

    Love Simm’s products! Once you try them you’ll never settle for less. Look forward to the blog.

  • Michael Leach

    Thanks Simms. Your fingerless gloves are the only thing that keep my hands warm enough while still fishing.

  • MO Trout

    Great idea – another customer service from one of the best in the business for supporting us customers!  Looking forward to great info and upcoming products.

  • Milesmcrae

    this is going to be a great blog hope to learn an pass on some info here for sure thanks guys for putting this together and thanks for the best products on the market 

  • Nothing like a little two-way with the SIMMS folks.  Great idea; looking forward to good topics and good dialogue.  

  • Jls0842

    This is awesome! Great work!

  • Trollin47

    I would like to send an “AT-A-BOY” award to “Stillwaters Outfitters, Sunriver, Oregon.
    Mr. B. Still and staff provided a great experience in purchasing my very first SIMMS G4 Pro waders. They provided accurate sizing with feature information allowing me to make a wise purchase.
    I thank the SIMMS staff for producing a great product for we outdoor enthusiasts.
    Nice to see this venue created for we customers.

    GO NY GIANTS in Super Bowl 2012!
    Actually, I don’t care which team wins just a good exciting outcome.

  • Mtnplzur

    This is a very good step for SIMMS.  It should put you in immediate touch with your customers and keep us informed of the direction you are taking with your products.  As a long time SIMMS customer I have agreat appreciation for the quality and continued improvement process of your company.  It will also allow me to give you direct feedback, good and bad, allowing for potential improvements.

  • Marlin

    Always love your products and have used them for years. They are the best! 2012 in Alaska is the year of no felt sole boots, between fishing and hunting the rain forest of S.E. Alaska I hope to see a deep air-bob sole or close to it. Just a thought. Keep up the good job.

  • Mmullins8271

    Way to go on the new forum guys. I am fairly new to fly fishing but I’ve quickly learned the difference between some companies. More companies need to learn from your example of customer service. Also way to stay true to your roots and continue making a quality product in America. It would be nice to see more of your products made here.

  • Fred Telleen

    Welcome to the blogging world.  I’m looking forward to following along.  Just added your RSS to my website at mysticwaters.com  See you at Ice Out!

  • Love the SIMMS crew!! A special props to the Guide Desk & Customer Care Center!

  • Jackfaulkinbury

    great idea guys I am excited.

  • Shared this with Peter Vandergrift, so I figured I would let the wading room see it too! Caught 2-1-12 with client Kieth Herzongenrath.

  • Harold Saxby

    I have been using your products since the early 90’s and the way you back up your products is outstanding. From repairing a large tear in the  seat of a new pair of waders to replacing a pair of wadings boots you felt were defective,  I can’t says enough good about your products and service.

     Thanks to the Kingfisher Fly Shop and both Jim and Matt my wife is dressed from the top of her head to her feet in Simms products.

    Keep up the good work.

    Harold Saxby

  • Jim M

    Very excited about this great idea guys!!

  • Richard

    I’m looking forward to buying your new SIMMS felt wading boots! I purchased the Guide Boots, and added the StarBite cleats–but honestly, in rushing rivers such as the Deschutes, and McKenzie, nothing is as safe & stable as felt bottoms. 

    I’m looking forward to many articles and discussions from your new blog!

  • Rick

    Thanks Simms for all your great products! Good luck with the move into your new facility .. Everyone is excited for you and that you will continue to remain in Bozeman!

  • Shug

    After I bought G3 Guide waders & boots three of my friends decided Simms is the best. I’ll pass on the blog info to them. Your customer service is #1. Made in the USA says it all.

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  • Win Stevenson

    Get your “‘ass” to the Ice Out this year. The Fish Gods need your help. Simms brings Bozeman to life.

  • Thanks for  come back and give  us more articles.Great work Simms!