The Science of Gloves and Fish


We test our gloves on the weather all the time. This time, we test them on the fish.

One the great things about fishing is that it is un-masterable.  This means that you can always explore and seek for new angles on how to trick fish.  That curiosity leads to a lifetime of enjoyment on the water.  Our Product Team here in Bozeman is equally curious about the gear that we use in the pursuit of our passion and that led Luke Boswell (Category Manager of Packs, Gloves & Hats) to wonder about the interface between fishing gloves and the fish they handle.

This, in turn, led us to the Bozeman Fish Technology Center and a relationship between Simms and Montana State University and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Researchers to test how various glove fabrics could affect fish mucus–the vital outer layer for fish that aid them in protecting against disease and contaminates in the water.  We brought in a film crew to document the research and here is the resulting short film.  Stay tuned for more on the outcomes of the research.

Here are some shots from the day working with researchers at the Fish Tech Center.

  • eddyg4200

    so what are the results of the test?