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Striper of a lifetime
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What happens when you don’t know what you’ve caught? You smile and be thankful. Rarely do all the stars line up for me on a day of fishing. The days when all the elements that make an incredible day of … Continue reading

Facing Your Fishing Addictions
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It helps sometimes to face your addiction head on. At least it does for Simms Pro Desk Manager Pete Vandergrift. Who doesn’t like sight fishing? I can’t get enough of it. So what are the options in the midst of … Continue reading

Streamside With Pat Dorsey
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Colorado has received it’s share of bad news this summer…in steps legendary guide Pat Dorsey to spread some cheer. Despite all the negative buzz surrounding Colorado’s recent forest fires and drought, fishing in Colorado has been absolutely stellar.   As odd … Continue reading

The Fishing’s On Fire!
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while some parts of the intermountain west may witness smoky skies, the majority is there just like we love it. We have all heard the news about the forest fires out West.  It is, to be honest, one of the … Continue reading