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In Celebration of Crustiness
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Simms Pro Fishing Guide, Rachel Finn, Embraces a Male-Dominated Notion in Fishing crust·y /ˈkrəstē/ Adjective: 1. Giving an effect of surly incivility in address or disposition. 2. (of a substance) Acting as a hard outer layer. example: a crusty old man Synonyms … Continue reading

Simms 720
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As we celebrate the first few days of summer, this is a good time to take stock of summer fishing goals. Like at a lot of companies, here at Simms we meet every quarter to plot out strategy, catch up … Continue reading

Plan For The Best, Prepare For The Worst
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Simms Guide Ambassador Brant Oswald tells the tale many anglers have experienced, but never want to repeat As my head hit the pillow, I felt like a 6 year old getting tucked into bed on Christmas Eve. But for a … Continue reading

Putting Gear to the Test
2012 On The BC Coast
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Yos Gladstone, Owner of Chromer Sport Fishing Ltd., recaps an adventuresome year on the water in 2012. For the past 15 years I’ve guided on the British Columbia coast and for the past six years, I’ve called Langara Island home … Continue reading