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G4Z Stockingfoot Wader
New G4Z and G4 Pro Models Prove The Best Can Get Better
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Our obsession to make the world’s best waders continues with the 2013 redesign of the G4Z and G4 Pro™ Stockingfoot Waders. We spend a lot of time here at Simms honing our craft. And our #1 craft is making the … Continue reading

To Catch A Camo
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The inside scoop on the creation of Simms’ new Catch Camo pattern. Over the past several years, you have noticed that Simms has deviated from the standard khaki, green and grey color pallet that has dominated our product offerings.  In fact, much … Continue reading

Showing and Telling
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What could make us travel from summer in Montana to summer in Orlando? To show off an exciting new line of products. Orlando, Florida. Mid-July. Sound like fun? For us at Simms it actually is. That’s where the International Convention … Continue reading