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Look Good and Do Good
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This year you can help preserve the Yellowstone Cutthroat and look good doing it. We have spoken previously about the plight of the Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. In short, things haven’t been looking so good for this prized fish over the … Continue reading

Oh What A Year!
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How could we possibly top this epic year? With an even better 2013. 2012 was a great year – in fact, it is really a seminal year here at Simms.  There are a lot of things to remember with smiles … Continue reading

A Drop In The Bucket
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The front line of the fight between the Yellowstone Cutthroat and lake trout. One of the greatest benefits of southwest Montana, Simms headquarters since 1993, is its juxtaposition to Yellowstone National Park.  The Park – as locals refer to it … Continue reading

YNP Blogger Tour 2012
Your Fish Story Can Win You A Trip To Yellowstone
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Here at Simms we think highly of our native friend, the Yellowstone cutthroat.  Unfortunately, over the past 15 years, the cutthroat has facing myriad obstacles to its growth and sustainability.  From the lake trout infestation in Yellowstone Lake to rainbow … Continue reading