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The new Slick Jacket for Fall 2013 redefines convenient storage in a bomber jacket.

Simms has been the leader in making fishing jackets since their introduction of the Dry Coat in 1996.  That jacket was the first one many of us had to keep us protected while out on the water.  Since then, we have introduced many bomber jacket, including the G4 Pro™ and G3 Guide™ Jackets and the ProDry™ GORE-TEX® Jacket – all still amazing jackets and seen worldwide on the best guides and anglers.

But we like a challenge here at Simms and the challenge was given to us a few years ago to imagine a fishing jacket with ample storage, but a minimal front with no line catchers.  The first internal name around the Simms headquarters for this project was the “Spey Jacket” as double-handed anglers (for good reason) wanted a minimalist look.

Well, we took the challenge head-on and thus spawned the Slick Jacket.  The laundry list of perks for this jacket include: GORE-TEX® Pro Shell technology (the most waterproof and breathable material known to man), storage for a long day on the water, the Simms three-point cinch hood that you can rock in howling winds, watertight Shingled Cuff™ design  (the same on the Simms Guide Jacket), and a longer length for more protection.  Maybe the perfect fishing jacket?

The Slick Jacket’s appeal wrests in the two large vertical pockets on the front of the jacket.  Each comes with built-in storage for fly boxes, tip-wallets, sunglasses (a special sunglasses pocket comes with a glass chamois!), tippet or Maxima spools, and much much more.

But, the Slick Jacket doesn’t stop there.  The two side pockets on each side of the jacket help keep your hands toasty (or store more gear), but transform into Pass Through pockets to your waders, WINDSTOPPER® Jacket or other layering piece or shirt.  This is accomplished because the Pass Through pocket incorporates a simple zipper for – voila – inside access (see image below).  Add a smaller zippered pocket on the inside for keys or license and you can be gone for a while without a care.

Sitting around the office today, we decided to see what we could easily store in the two pockets on the Slick Jacket.  Keep in mind, you can put a truckload more gear in this jacket, but we wanted to show how much gear you can include without even noticing it.  Here is a rundown and you can see the evidence on the images of the gear stash below.

The result of all of this is perhaps the most innovative and convenient jacket you have ever fished.  So next time you are at your favorite fly shop, check out the new Slick Jacket.  You can take your quiver of gear with you and not even know it’s there.

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  • Pat Magee

    Too bad it will cost a billion dollars:(

    • btezra

      there are things in life that are worth paying more for, mainly because of their quality, build and results…like this jacket

  • Brian Kozminski

    WOW!! What a jacket! LOaded with features that would be the envy of many anglers, but it comes with as hefty price tag as well. I will pay for quality, which I am sure it will provide, but there is a lot I can purchase with 500 clam$.
    tight lines,


    Orange, guaranteed to send fish running. Fish are not afraid of trees and rocks.

  • Bill Fowler

    The Slick Jacket is great! It is very functional and clean. The trim black stealth design slipped right under the radar. My wife thought it was a nice rain coat and not yet another fishing jacket with big bulky pockets that can only be worn fishing. It works great on our big Alaskan rivers in the rain, but I was also even able to wear it to church one rainy day. No hang-ups when swinging the Spey rods — Slick!!! …and stealthy!

  • tirekicker

    Is it long enough to use for skiing/snowboarding and do you think that would work. Whats the warranty? If you could multitask it the price would be more palatable. Thx

    • Alain Lavelanet

      Yes it’s brilliant for skiing/snowboarding, it’s my primary jacket for that (and everything else.) The pass through pockets are great when it’s freezing out to get at a mid layer jacket as well as keeping snow out better than than pit zips when you want to open them up for venting when you’re really pushing it and you’re building up a sweat you want to loose quickly. The only thing I’d improve on this jacket is adding a back pocket like on the G4 pro to store a mid-layer when temperatures change dramatically. The hood design on the Simms Jackets is also better than any Ski jackets I’ve seen at keeping out wind on the mountain. And the front pockets are large enough to easily hold goggles, ski gloves, or that mid-layer. I was really on the fence between this and the New G4 that just came out and I’m very happy with this, because as was mentioned below my wife just thinks of it as a shell and not another piece of fishing gear. I bought this after getting soaked (in a major competitors top of the line wading jacket) in an all day downpour on the Columbia river on a vacation trip. It’s not cheap but as I’ve seen mentioned by many guides on many boards, spending a fishing trip soaking wet in an inferior jacket makes you very quickly calculate the opportunity cost of what was for me a once in a lifetime trip to Oregon and the Columbia River vs spending a bit more to enjoy the trip (and all the ones to come.) This jacket is the do anything take anything jacket I was really looking for.

  • An XL Black one would do me really nice as this Alaskan fall gets wet and fishy.

  • Pelon

    Fit looks great on model. Can you provide weight and height and size of jacket shown in pictures?

  • Rusty 1

    I am currently in the process of purchasing a jacket for our north west steelhead and salmon fishing.
    I’ve got it down between the slick jacket or the bulkley jacket……if you have had experience with either jacket “good or bad” I would appreciate your input.
    Size is also a concern, I am 5’8″ 173lbs… ok vertically challenged lol.
    Any info will be welcome.
    Fish on!

    Rusty 1