Pack It In — Pack It All In

Headwaters Guide Hip Pack

Colorado guide, Bob Dye relays his favorite aspects about the Headwaters™ Guide Hip Pack.

Simms Guide Ambassador, Bob Dye of the Blue Quill Angler in Evergreen, Colorado runs his service from Parshall, Colorado all the way west to Silt and fishes every bit of water in between. Dye guides under a simple, yet admirable and logical philosophy: “Catching fish is always high on the list, but giving anglers the proper tools and knowledge they need to be successful ranks even higher on the list.” says Dye. Living up to his philosophy day in and day out demands giving his clients virtually all of his attention. That being said, while he’s arming his clients with the technical tools they need for success, he has to have all of his physical tools close at hand and in working order every single day. We all know that a guide’s boat bag or pack parallels in importance to a mechanic’s tool chest. Without it, they cannot do their job. Recently, Dye got his hands on a Simms’ Headwaters™ Guide Hip Pack and couldn’t be happier with its performance.

Like most of us, Dye grew tired of owning packs where the zippers only work properly for a week or two after cutting the tags off. When in the hands of a hardcore guide like Dye, it doesn’t take long for the zippers of most packs to either wear out or blow out. “One of my favorite features of this pack is how well the zippers have held up. I have literally never had trouble opening or closing it like I have with other brands. The interior is designed in such a way that it can accommodate pretty much all the fly boxes I could ever need which a lot of packs simply cannot do. Typically, that’s what jams up and ruins zippers — when you overload and force to close.” says Dye.

Anglers have countless choices when it comes to hip packs these days and each boasts their own unique gimmicks. Really and truly, gimmicks don’t exist in ours — every feature has a functional purpose. Take the stretch mesh water bottle pocket as an example. Logically, it makes sense to have such pockets on the side of a pack but the more we thought about it, the more sense it made to put it on the bottom, a feature that Dye took notice of as well “I especially appreciate the water bottle holster being on the underside of the pack. Most packs have theirs on the side which yes, it holds your water bottle but it also acts a fly line tangling magnet”. adds Dye. We definitely had fly line tangles in mind for the location of this pocket but also, because it’s the largest hip pack in the lineup, we wanted to make sure it balanced comfortably. Large packs have the tendency to be clunky and cumbersome, especially when fishing in moving water so we really put a lot of thought into each and every comfort characteristic. “I really like the side straps on this pack. With these you can easily tighten it to your core which allows you to wear it all day long and remain comfortable.” says Dye.

While these were Bob Dye’s favorite features, there’s plenty more to this pack than beefy, buttery smooth zippers, tons of space and a cleverly designed pockets. Check out all the nitty, gritty and fishy features of the Headwaters™ Guide Hip Pack at

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