Ish Monroe Speaks About Simms’ New ProDry™ Suit

Simms Pro, Ish Monroe Gives the Skinny on Simms’ New ProDry™ Suit.

Winning four Bassmaster tour level events, two FLW tour level events and qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic nine times, Simms Pro, Ish Monroe lives by the motto, if you look good, you’re feeling good and if you’re feeling good, your fishing good. Putting his trust in Simms for the past 6+ years, Ish has long been a fan of the ProDry™ Suit. So much so, he wasn’t sure if the suit could be improved upon. However, now that he’s had a few months of wearing the new ProDry™ in a variety of weather conditions, he’s happier than ever.

Simms: How did you first become acquainted with Simms?
Monroe: Wow, that was a long time ago. I was working in a tackle shop and everyone knew that Simms waders were the best in everybody’s book so when Simms made a push into the bass world, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Simms: You were actually one of the first Simms Pro Anglers, is that correct? Did you have anything to do with the development of the first ProDry™ Suit?
Monroe: Yes, I was there from the earliest days of Simms in the bass market. As far as development went, yes, we were asked for our input on what was missing in current foul weather gear.

Simms: What was missing at the time?
Monroe: Well, a lot of people go out and fish for fun but as a pro, it’s a little more extreme. In other words, those days where most anglers don’t want to go out, we have to go out. So, I think the biggest thing was a suit that could consistently perform in the worst conditions. We addressed a lot of issues such as water coming in the sleeves and chest, mobility and things like that.

Simms: How does having the right gear for bad conditions effect your fishing?
Monroe: When water starts dripping in down through your sleeves, from the hood or the chest and you start getting wet, you start getting uncomfortable and cold. Any pro will tell you, bass fishing is primarily mental. When you start getting uncomfortable, you start thinking about how you are going to get dry and/or warm and less about fishing.

Simms: How about the new ProDry? For anybody who doesn’t have the suit, how would you indorse it?
Monroe: Like I say, bass fishing is mental. If you maintain your focus, there’s not much that stands in the way of you fishing well. In regards to the new suit, let me first say the previous suit was amazing but the new one is truly a 12 month suit. What I mean is that because Simms has taught us how to layer, there is no better suit out there as an outer shell in cold conditions. But, even in the summer months or warm locations, the new suit is so lightweight and so breathable, you can throw it on even on the hottest day and stay comfortable.

Simms: How is the mobility in the new suit compared to old suit?
Monroe: Honestly, I was perfectly happy with the old suit and when Simms asked what could be improved, my only comment was maybe a few new color options. I was slightly concerned with any tampering of the technical aspects of the suit. However, now that I’ve worn the new one, the mobility is awesome and is something you will notice immediately. I think the mobility improvements have to do with several tweaks to the new suit. For example, the fit is so much better and there are so many adjustment capabilities the old suit just didn’t have. A lot of people don’t realize how much we move around while tournament fishing. We are literally making thousands of casts and are up and down from the deck to the cockpit. It’s so important to be able to have that range of motion. The light weight of the suit, better fit and how breathable it is all contribute to a greater range of motion.

Simms: Have you used the suit as of yet in extreme conditions?
Monroe: Oh yeah. For example, the last tournament of the FLW, I made the third day cut. It literally downpoured from blast off to weigh-in. When I took the suit off, I was completely dry underneath and not mostly dry, completely dry.

Simms: Tell us about the Dry Cuff™, Cohaesive™ Cord Management System, the collar and hood?
Monroe: Well, I’ve been professional fishing since 1998 and over the years, I’ve worn a lot of suits. It’s things that you just mentioned that really set Simms a part. The cuff on the new suit means I can submerge my hand and not worry about water dripping down my sleeves keeping my inner layers dry. The hood combined with that super high collar means I can run in a chop and not worry about water getting in. When I heard Simms was going to come out with a new ProDry™, I was like, why mess with a good thing but I’ve got to say, no question the changes Simms made really take the suit to a new level.