Introducing Simms Waypoints Sling Pack

An advanced, high-volume fishing sling for conquering gear chaos in comfort.

Throughout the year, there are many situations when your own two feet can take you places where two oars can’t. This is especially true when your favorite rivers are too slushy or iced over to float. Even though winter is in full effect, hike/wade anglers can still take advantage of some outstanding opportunities and Simms new Waypoints Sling Pack is the perfect tool to tow all the necessary gear to your favorite spot.

Combining the capacity of a backpack with the convenience of a hip pack, Simms’ new Waypoint Sling offers considerably more storage than its predecessor. Early on in the design process, Simms’ product team opted to forego the tear shop shape seen in most sling style packs and opted to take a more streamlined, military-inspired tactical approach. In addition to a dramatically increased capacity, the new shape allowed for a U-Shaped zipper opening to access the main storage compartment. This style opening not only gives anglers a much better overall view of their gear, but also affords easier/quicker access.

For organization, the main compartment comes equipped with multiple stretch-mesh pockets as well as a partition designed to house a water bottle (Internal testing revealed this section of the pack also works great for stashing multiple 12 ounce canned beverages).

For smaller necessities such as sunglasses, a phone, smaller fly boxes etc, etc, the Waypoint Sling also features a zippered pocket on the top with a built-in key clip. On the back of the pack, the design team incorporated a compression molded, fold down workbench pocket armed with a removable tippet-tender and floatant holder that makes on-water rigging/re-rigging a breeze.

On the outside of the pack, the Waypoints Sling features compression straps. These straps are ideal for lashing rain gear but can also be utilized to expand or contract the capacity of the pack depending on the mass of the load.