Hanging out with 500 of your best friends

pro guides descend on Bozeman, Montana for 3 days of celebrating what they do.

This past week was a great event that all of us at Simms look forward to the whole year.  A chance to meet great people, talk about our common passion, have a lot of fun and celebrate what we all do.  I am, of course, talking about ICE OUT.

The event brings fishing guides from across North America to Bozeman to learn more about Simms, discover ways to be better guides, network with their brethren and, of course, laugh a lot.  There are several takeaways from this year’s ICE OUT event that just concluded on Saturday evening.

  1. Fishing guides take their professions very seriously.
  2. Pro guides care about sharing their passion with anglers everywhere.
  3. The legends of the sport are revered (witness the Legends Panel discussion with Dave Whitlock, John Simms and John Gierach) which is, by our estimation a very healthy thing.
  4. Fishing guides are some the happiest blokes on the planet.
  5. This industry is full of great companies who care deeply about the health of the guiding community – Costa, Scott, Winston, GLoomis, MFC, Ro Boats, Clacka, Sotar, NRS, Galvan, Hatch and Yeti.

So next time you are thinking about going on that trip of a lifetime or just a day trip with someone special on your local water, remember that you are in good hands with a professional fishing guide.

Here is a sampling of the fun from this past week.


  • Matt Hill

    Was a great event! Thanks to all the Simms staff who worked around the clock to set up all the events for us guides. You and your gear are the best in the world.

  • Satoshi Yamamoto

    Thank all of you at Simms & all sponsors for great hospitality. See you guys (or guides) along the rivers, If not, see you next year!

  • Good Show! Thanks for everything last weekend. Looking forward to next year.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for putting me in a house full of legendary guides and John Gierach.  Simms and the fly fishing guide make for a great partnership.  I wish everyone a great season and hope to see you all again next Ice Out.

  • marty sheppard

    Epic Event! So many highlights and so many fun days! Thanks all.