Giving Thanks: Thoughts of Warmer Weather

This Thanksgiving season, we here at Simms celebrate those things for which we are thankful.

On the heels of our post celebrating nasty weather, we want to take a step back and talk about another thing we are thankful for (or…you might say, lust after).  You see, while Simms’ roots are in the Northern Rockies (first Jackson Hole, WY and then Bozeman, MT), our hearts wander down south often to warm waters and weather.

We try to fish as much as we can all year round.  However, throughout the winter, spring and fall seasons we are inundated with stories and photos from the Caribbean, Florida, the Gulf, the Seychelles, Hawaii, etc.  Places that are so foreign to us here.  There a few things in common from these reports…people are wearing light and airy clothes and smiling a lot.  It makes us so jealous.  So while we pray for 2 feet of powder to fall for our weekend shred on the mountain, we secretly yearn for warmer water.

Is it the fish?.  Tarpon. Permit. Bonefish. Redfish. Tuna. Billfish.  They are all so awesome.  Or the clothes?  Solarflexes, Ultralight Shirts, Flats Sneakers, Guide Flips.  All of these find a place in a bin somewhere in our garages during the winter.  Or maybe we just like sunsets cast over vast oceans.  Who cares!  We just want more of it.

So here’s to thoughts of warmer weather, and the water and fish that live in its environs.  You help us survive each day and obsessively monitor our vacation calendars.

Have any warm weather plans this season?

Just a few shots from Simms photo shoots over the past 4 years.