Giving Thanks: Nasty Weather

This Thanksgiving season, we here at Simms celebrate those things for which we are thankful.

If you only wanted to see the sun and bask in its warmth, you wouldn’t start a company in Bozeman, Montana – or anywhere in the Northern Rockies for that matter.  But, that is where a lot of fish like to live.  In fact, fish like some of the most inhospitable climates on the globe, whether it be brown trout in Montana or steelhead in Russia.  Fresh or saltwater…it doesn’t really matter.  And it’s not just the cold.  Warm water destinations produce the nastiest storms on the planet.

Because we, like you, are obsessed with fishing, we choose to not only refrain from complaining about nasty weather, but embrace it!  Each day we gather and discuss what our gear can do to help you, the angler, fish longer and harder.  Working with material like GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® sure helps us along the way.  (As does making the best waders in the world right here in Bozeman.) But really it is an attitude of defiance when it comes to most weather we face.  Plus, the nastier the weather, the fewer the anglers on the water.  And that makes casting all day long even sweeter.

So here’s to you nasty weather.  We hope we see more of you in 2013.

What about you and some of the nastier weather you have faced on the water?

Just a few shots from Simms photo shoots that have been cooold.

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