Giving Thanks: Made in the USA

This Thanksgiving season, we here at Simms celebrate those things for which we are thankful.

A week after Veterans Day and just days before Thanksgiving, what a great time to celebrate and give thanks to the statement that really makes Simms unique – Made in the USA.  Since our inception, we have crafted the best waders in the world in the northern Rockies.

From our roots in Jackson Hole, WY, to our current home in Bozeman, MT, Simms has designed, tested and built waders right here in trout country.  And since 1993 when we revolutionized fishing waders with the advent of GORE-TEX® waders, Simms has continued to be on the forefront of wader technology.  Now, each day throngs of American craftsmen and women turn out tools to keep anglers on the water longer and feeling the way they should be – dry.

So here’s to the best group of wader designers and manufacturers in the world.  Thanks for being here in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

Just a few shots from the Simms facility over the past few years.

  • I’m proud and thankful to be wearing them!

    • Thanks, Fred. We are proud to have you wearing our gear and putting it to the test everyday!

  • I love your products. Best gear I have ever bought, and WELL WORTH the price. Thanks for providing such great products to anglers!

  • Steve Corpstein

    I’m far from a seasoned fisherman, but I wouldn’t think of fishing inside of any other wader. I might have to save my money for a bit, but I smile when I get them. I’ve never had buyers’ remorse on a Simms purchase. AND it does make a differance to me that they’re made in the USA by normal folks.