Giving Thanks: Fly Shops

This Thanksgiving season, we here at Simms celebrate those things for which we are thankful.

Some things in life are just comforting.  Sitting around after a long day on the river with your buds telling tales.  Warming up with a fire after a long day of wading in cold water chasing fish.  That first step in the Caribbean after a long plane ride.

Perhaps nothing is more comforting, however, that the trip to the fly shop.  It is like going to a small town and visiting the 100 year old hardware store.  The lighting is bright, the coffee is hot, the locals are gathered around, the banter is priceless and so, too, is the information.  Wherever you are, that sign of a fly shop somehow tells you that you are where you should be.

No two fly shops are the same, either.  Go to Wal-Mart and they are almost all identical. Not fly shops.  Some are in strip malls, others in historical buildings and other in log cabins.  Some are in the city, while others line the banks of the country’s most storied rivers.  Regardless of these facts, they all serve the same purpose – to provide excitement and that intrinsic knowledge of what you are about to face on the water.  The right flies to use, the right techniques, the best gear to use – all of this is of critical importance AND only available at your local fly shop.

We could go on and on because fly shops are just so darn cool.  So this Thanksgiving, we tip our hat to our fly shop partners.  We have about 450 of them in North America alone and glad to know each one of them.

Now it is your turn – tell us a favorite fly shop story or nominate your favorite.

Here is a selection of fly shop images from our Simms Retailer Locator.

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  • Kevin App

    When I moved to Oregon in the summer of 2011 I was excited by all of the new fishing prospects I had, and by the fact that I would once again be able to regularly visit actual fly shops. I had been living in a town that didn’t really have one, or even access to one in a neighboring town. There was just a corner of an archery shop where one could pick up some flies and tippets. I was particularly excited because the closest store to my new home (Newberg, in the northern Willamette Valley) was one of the best in the west. I was dismayed to find that Kaufmann’s had closed it’s doors shortly before I got to town. Disheartened, I began searching for a store around Portland to be my “home store”. I found a new store in West Linn called Royal Treatment Fly Fishing, and I knew right away it was going to be my “go-to” shop. I have had the pleasure of shopping in most of the best fly shops in the west, and this one is top-notch. They carry all of my favorite brands (like Simms), and they take great care of their customers. One of the folks in the store even took the time to read a story (a fish story, of course) to my three year old daughter one day while I was shopping. She loves to go to the fly shop, where they usually have cookies and nice people. Keep up the good work, guys!

    • Kevin, that is a great comment and really sums up the reason we love fly shops. Thanks so much for sharing and I know it will be very well received by the great team at Royal Treatment Fly Fishing. Have a great holiday!

  • Ray Trincia

    Very upset with Simms and the Rivers Edge, purchased a pair of wading boots from them in july used them for two hrs and the right foot was rubbing so bad threw 2pair of wool socks and stocking foot waders created a blister and pain that i had to take them off and go to another pair of boots I do live on the east cost and the boots were bought on line from the rivers edge in Montana when I contacted them by phone the would not exchange them for a diffrent size,so i emailed Simms and no reply in the past two weeks so as for now i have a 200.00 pair of wading boots that are worthless to me thank you Rivers Edge and Simms for your great Customer service and Standing behind your product

    • Hi Ray: Sorry that you had trouble with a pair of boots you recently purchased. I have forwarded your message to our Customer Care Department and you will hear from us very soon.

      • Ray Trincia

        I recieved a call this morning from Simms reguarding my recent post about their costomer service an I owe them an apoplgy, they have agreed to make good on my issue regarding my wading boots.
        I also would like to thank Nick for his professionalism and the Simms team for their services I have been in sales and customer service for the twenty past years and as per our conversation and results that is what we say at the end of the day they are the best.
        Thanks very much Nick

        • Ray

          Just wanted to let you know Recieved the Boots tried them on with my normal set up they felt perfect, walked around the house with them and no issues.
          Thanks very much for the help, Merry Christmas and happy New Year

  • Finn

    Just received a pair of Simms G4 waders in ML and realised the inseam measures c. 32″ instead of the 36″ it should measure according to the size chart. I guess quality control has been sleeping a bit here. The problem is that I am now in Buenos Aires on my way to Patagonia and I received these waders today as a friend brought them along for me…. And I didn’t bring another pair for this trip. basically I have a problem. can I use hem and then send them back to Simms for exchange for a pair with the correct inseam length?