Giving Thanks: Fishing Guides

This Thanksgiving season, we here at Simms celebrate those things for which we are thankful.

“The Choice of Professional Guides Worldwide.”  Those words adorn our website header, our letterhead, our desktops, and even some of our cars.  But it really is much more than a marketing slogan or tagline for us here at Simms.

Our namesake, John Simms, had a vision to create better fishing waders.  You see, he was, and still is, a fishing guide in Jackson Hole, WY, and thought the gear on the market wasn’t good enough.  Take that forward to today (except now in Bozeman, MT) and you see we have tried so very hard to remain true to that vision.  From the industry’s leading Pro program (led by 19 year fishing outfitter and guide Peter Vandergrift) to testing teams made up of guides and professional anglers to photo shoots all featuring guides, we aim to celebrate the beacons of our industry.  These guides call our gear their “uniform” and fish more on their days off than most of us do in a year’s time.

There are far too many names to mention individually, so we thank the entire fishing guide community this year.  As for the rest of us…save up some money.  We can think of no better way to get to know the angling world more intimately than to spend a day on the water with a professional.

Now it is your turn – nominate your favorite guide.

Just a few shots from the Simms photos shoots over the past few years.

  • Jigidy

    Would love to see you guys add your great gear to This way myself and other guides can easily create gear lists with Simms gear in it! A one stop shop for my clients plus PGD gives us a little kick back.

  • Capt. Jad Donaldson

    Unless Marty has shaved the beard for a goatee…that doesn’t look like Marty with Mia…lol

    • Thanks, Jad. You are correct! It should, of course, be labeled “Tom Larimer & Mia Sheppard”. Tom, sorry we left you out of that one.

  • Capt. Jad Donaldson

    Many thanks to Simms as well for providing the gear that allows me to do my job to the fullest extent. Opportunity Fly Fishing is very proud to be part of the Simms team.
    Happy Holidays…

  • Mia

    Thanks to the Simms staff for making the best waders in the industry ! Little Creek outfitters is proud to represent. Happy Holidays!

  • Zach Phillips

    Capt Troy Keen of Matagorda,Texas has done an outstanding job promoting yals products. Him himself has the g3 waders and wading jacket and has really asked himself why he didn’t make the switch to Simms sooner. He speaks very highly about yalls products to his many customers and other fellow fisherman at the boat ramp. He has talked me and 4 of our fishing friends into purchasing each of us a pair of yalls outstanding waders. I will be purchasing mine early next week.

    • Thanks for the post, Zach. It is great to have such professional guides on our team. Please keep in touch with us as you explore the world’s fisheries in your new Simms waders.