Giving Back to Those Who Give The Most

Wounded Warriors remind all of us of what is really important.

You see many people through the doors of Simms – Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Ambassadors, global leaders.  However, every so often as you race from one part of our campus to the next, you come across visitors who make you proud to work here.  I am speaking of our friends over at Warriors in Quiet Waters.

It is not often enough a company has the chance to wear its heart on its sleeve and really help move the bar for those in need. It has been a great privilege for Simms to partner with Warriors in Quiet Water. WQW helps our servicemen and women re-acclimate and adjust to life back in the states through fly-fishing. Many of these veterans have serious injuries and all have been changed by the wars they have fought.

Although giving factory tours and helping to supply these real American heroes with great gear doesn’t even begin to payback all they have given to this country, we are proud to be involved nonetheless. Being the only company to craft waders in the US, Simms is a natural fit to supply these veterans with gear. Many thanks to all of those who help to organize WQW and to Simms staff members who have helped outfitting these patriots, many of whom need special alterations because of lost or severely damaged body parts. Let’s continue to make sure that their next fight is with a fish.

  • Norm Montgomery

    Simms Not only great gear but a company that cares