Gear to the Test: Simms G3 Guide Pant Wader

Mark Raisler Getting Ready For A Day

Mark Raisler, co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop and longtime Missouri River guide, talks the Missouri River and how the SIMMS G3 Guide Pant Wader fits in his repertoire through the year. Most of the year.

I am fortunate to have a few pairs of waders. A G4Z–yes the one with the zipper–for the winter months when I need a pair of waders to not only keep me dry but to keep me warm. These are just fantastic. Far better than I thought they would be. I always thought they were made for the mature generation…my clients, my father, and now, and now me. But, no, they are for everybody. Most of the Headhunters staff rocks this wader. But this article is not about the G4Z. It’s about the G3 Guide Pant.

The G3 Guide Pant became my favorite wader a couple years ago. I bought them on my birthday. I figured I needed a present. Nobody else had graced me with a comfortable item and I thought the G3 Guide Pant may fit the bill.

Well, it did.

We are fortunate to do about half of our guide work from the boat on Montana’s Missouri River. I thought they would be perfect for relaxing and rowing in my Adipose Flow Drifter. Yes, they fit the bill. But I was surprised at how good they were for just wading around.

This is not the wader for those steelheaders that like to wade deeply crossing raging winter steelhead runs, nipple high summer runs, or for those who like the security of a traditional wader. This is for the guy who likes ease of use.

I also like the fact that I cannot wade into deep, dark waters. I am of the age where it is healthy to have a wading governor on me. My new rule is to not wade into waters beyond my waist. The G3 Pant secures this rule. They are perfect for knee high excursions as I commonly find myself during the majority of my guiding year.

I spoke earlier of ease of use. The hardest part of any wader is getting them on, getting them off. Well, if you battle with your waders daily, do yourself a favor and try on a pair of these at your local SIMMS retailer. They rule!  Couple them with a SIMMS Boa® Boot and you have entered Fishing Wader Heaven!

Both of the waders in my quiver – the G4Z and the G3 Guide Pant – are waders designed for ease of use. That is why I have become fans of both. Fishing is hard enough…why limit your enjoyment with difficult gear? My favorite component of technology is that the fly fishing products get easier to use as the years pass. Not only are they better designed, they are easier to use, to wear, and to fish in!

I guess I could go on about the numbers of layers of GORE-TEX®, the built-in gravel guards, the belt systems…but that is not what gets me going. You can find that info on the SIMMS site. I love having durable waders for all conditions. For busting through briars, hopping over barbed wire fences, extracting streamers from my waders, or just hanging out in the bar for much too long after my guide days. They certainly are comfortable for long 16 hour days. This G3 Guide Pant wears like a pair of slacks!

I like this wader, the G3 Pant, for the months of May through September here in central Montana. I wear waders 90% of the year. The other 10% I’m in long pants, long sleeve shirts, sunscreen, a SunGaiter, SIMMS Sungloves…yes I have reached that stage of life. Full coverage. The pant wader keeps me covered on the lower half of the body without overheating the upper half. It sure is nice. I can wear them without overheating in the warmer summer afternoons. If I need to take them off, they are not as bulky as a full wader so they stow nicely under a seat.

SIMMS waders have always been the toughest on the market. I commonly get 400 days from my SIMMS waders. That is one tough product. I do send them in on occasion as the folks at SIMMS repair them like no other. Certainly better than I can! Proper maintenance of the wader can add life. A simple wash and hang dry can add life to your G3 waders. I wash them after the year of abuse. It makes me feel like I am lengthening the life and putting a cap on the end of the guide season.

They come back out in late April or early May and are a staple for the spring, summer, and fall.

If you are in need of a comfortable wader that wears like a pair of pants…the G3 Pant is your wader. Or if you like an even lighter weight feel, try the SIMMS Freestone Pant.

Get into the freedom of the shorter, easier entry, carefree G3 Guide Wading Pant for the 2014 year. You may just like them. I know I do!

Mark Raisler is one of the owners of Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, Montana and has been guiding on the Missouri River since 1995.  Mark and his business partner John Arnold run the best shop in Craig and you need to stop there if you are ever close to the Missouri.  

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    When, and why, did Simms stop producing neoprene waders?