Finally Spring!

We list out our 10 favorite reasons why we love this time of year.

Finally, spring has sprung.  And to celebrate this spring, we are listing out why we love spring so much.

  1. Streamer Time: True – you can fish streamers any day of the year.  But in the northern Rockies March and April really are great streamer months.  This is the time of year we talk about our favorite patterns and techniques.
  2. Baetis: Midges all winter long are fun.  But the first real substantial mayfly hatch is baetis.  And baetis are found around the country.  And they are usually loved around the country.  Even if you call the Blue Winged Olives.
  3. Sunlight: Vitamin D pills get put away as nature’s own version rules the roost.  And sun tan lotion comes out of the nether regions of the fishing bag.
  4. Travel: If you have ever been in Central America in April, you might as well be in Telluride or Bozeman as nearly everyone dreams of going somewhere warm, swimming in non-chlorinated water and frolicking in the warmth.
  5. ICE OUT: For us here at Simms, Spring is synonymous with the best event we put on all year long.  Nothing says love like hanging out with 500 of your best friends.
  6. Tarpon: The pictures and reports come in daily this time of year.  And it just reminds us all how cool this fish is.
  7. Steelhead: On the other side of the continent, a steady flow of Catches of the Day are from the western side of the Lower 48 and the chromers that have so many people obsessed.
  8. Hopper Dropper: Only 3+ months away (wow…is it really that far from now?) from sitting back in the drift boat and slinging large flies made of foam while taking in all the scenery.
  9. Ski and Fish Days: We are lucky to live in the best ski town in America* and this time of year allows us to load up the rig, head to the mountain for a few hours of powder and hit the river for several hours on the way home.  Some might say it is the perfect day.
  10. Fishing After Work: The biggest benny of spring is that one can get their day job done and then go ply the waters for hungry fish after work.  Makes all those meetings and emails almost seem worth it.
Alright…now it is your turn.  What gets you jazzed this spring?

* for all of you Canucks out there, Rossland & Nelson won the Powder Magazine contest.  We know that, but we are taking claim to be the best in the States.