Earning their stripes


The Simms Crew was sharing their knowledge of fly fishing with the local boy scouts troup.

Remember when you had to gather up your Boy Scouts badges? Here, the local Boy Scout troop reached out to Simms for help getting their fly fishing badge. Not your average troop  this one had 132 kids from a wide swath of Montana – from White Sulphur Springs to Ennis, Montana.  The kids were lucky enough to procure a private pond south of Livingston, MT.  We were more than happy to help.

The youngsters went through multiple stations including, entomology, rigging, knots, fly tying, casting and finally catching. Simms employees made up the bulk of the instruction, and although grueling, it was well worth the effort. There might be some budding young anglers in our midst.

  • Charles


    Do you know if these fish were “triploids” by chance or just really fat?

    A couple of them look like the genetically modified strain that get fat / disproportional.

  • Hi Charles, not sure on this question. However, I do know that the fishery was full of food for these fish to feed on.

  • Well done guys!

  • Tina

    Thank you for helping out our scouts! I was there and they all had a fantastic time!

  • robert dimesky

    There is no better use of time than educating eager to learn, Scouts of all varieties! Kids with useful skillsets, knowledge of the natural world and the sciences, entering society are one of the very reasons that “teachers teach,” to make the world a better place….Go Simms Go! You Rock!
    Bob Dimesky, Pawleys Island SC one of Simms earliest CT retail dealers