Back to the Bighorn

Get a behind the scenes look at the 2014 G4 Pro™ Jacket photo shoot on the Bighorn River with John Sindland and Merritt Harris.

In preparation for the G4 Pro™ Jacket release, we wanted to tip our hat to its origin and also pay homage to the river where it all started — the Bighorn. Remember the iconic GORE-TEX® ad from the early ’90s featuring the photo shot by Andy Anderson of Paul Dubas, Bob Krumm and Mike Craig wearing Dry Coats at the Drive In? That’s wear the G4 Pro™ Jacket story began. Since then, Simms has taken the Dry Coat, a very popular, functional and stylish jacket originally offered in ’94 and built upon its foundation and success ever since. The new G4 Pro™ Jacket is the result of continuously pushing ourselves in terms of creativity, practicality and most importantly, living up to our promise to design and deliver products that keep you on the water longer — regardless of the conditions.

Once the destination and concept were determined, we rounded up longtime Bighorn guides, John Sindland and Merritt Harris of the Bighorn Trout Shop and brought along Brain Grossenbacher to capture stills as well as Sasha Joseph Neulinger, Jeff Dougherty and Robert Schneeweis of Step 1 Films to collect video footage of our latest piece of outerwear in action.

While most anglers and guides cross their fingers for blue skies and light winds, this trip differed in the sense we wanted to show the G4 Pro™ in the very conditions it was designed for. For us, the more intense the weather, the better. The Bighorn, like many Montana rivers, often greets its guests with cloudless skies without even the slightest puff of wind, however, ideal conditions like this can change before you can swap a nymph for a dry. Once you are out there — your’re out there — and Mother Nature has never been one to take mercy on the ill-prepared. Because this was a shoot for the baddest, most weatherproof jacket ever to hit the streets, we were all prepared and were totally ready to embrace the elements. In typical fashion, the mornings were everything an angler and/or guide could ask for but each afternoon, we got our wish and thanks to the G4 Pro™ Jacket, we all comfortably endured the weather and reaped the benefits of the trout that reside in the legendary Bighorn. Check out some behind the scenes imagery of the project as well as a handful of Brian Grossenbacher’s awesome shots of the G4 Pro™ goin’ to work!


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