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John Frazier is the Community Specialist at Simms Fishing Products. Fresh or salt, John loves being on or around the water. When he doesn't have a rod in hand, chances he's watching the action unfold through the view finder of his camera while mentally crafting a story.

Hey Montana, Don’t Mine the Yellowstone!

Photo: William Campbell

A Canadian Company Continues to Threaten the Yellowstone.

If you’ve ever spent a day fishing the Yellowstone, you understand this iconic river isn’t merely an angler’s paradise — it’s a treasure you could never put a price on, let alone compare it’s value to that of gold. Foreign mining companies don’t view the Yellowstone this way. Is it because they’ve never felt a 22” brown smash a Sex Dungeon in October or because they’ve never witnessed the river boiling with risers in early spring? Probably so — but more than anything, it’s because where there is gold, there is greed. Thankfully, lovers of the Yellowstone ecosystem had a big victory last month, a time-out for mining on public lands near the Yellowstone. The bad news is, a Canadian company has a plan in place to explore for gold on private land, a plan that would undoubtedly yield adverse socioeconomic and environmental impacts to an already fragile resource.

How can you help? Montana Department of Environmental Quality is taking your comments on the Canadian company’s proposal through Dec 12, which means this is your time to speak out. Contact Montana’s Department of Environmental Quality today and let them know the Yellowstone’s doorstep is no place for gold mines. Take action here.


A Hike/Wade Guide’s Most Memorable Death March

Photo: Phil Tereyla

Photo: Phil Tereyla

High Mountain Strain and Success with Simms Pro, Landon Mayer.

Is hiking upwards of 10 miles in a single day to find willing fish necessary? Absolutely not. However, when you do find yourself that far from the trailhead, the promise of experiencing something truly special runs high.

That’s the mentality Simms Pro, Landon Mayer carries with him every day he spends on the trail/on the water. After 20 years as hike/wade guide in Colorado’s South Platte region, Landon has logged his fair share of death marches but out of all of them, there’s one that stands out.

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Reap the Rewards of Fall

Tips to Take Full Advantage of the Fall. By Simms Ambassador, Mark Raisler.

Why is fall so much better than the spring when the mayflies first show? Why do I get more excited than the first caddis emergence of the summer? Than the early morning and late evening dry fly periods that rival any season of the year? Than the aggressive hopper attacks of mid and late summer? Why do I find the fall arrival so very slow as the remnants of summer finally fade? Oh, lots of reasons. Read more and learn how Simms Ambassador, Mark Raisler of Head Hunters Fly Shop takes advantage of the fall season.

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You Can’t Win It If You’re Not In It

Simms Pro, Ish Monroe May Be the Last Man In the 2017 Bassmaster Classic But he Likes His Odds.
By Joel Shangle

It’s been a roller-coaster couple of weeks for Elite Series pro Ish Monroe. Just six days after finishing the 2016 season in 40th place in Angler of the Year standings – exactly one point out of qualifying to fish the 2017 Bassmaster Classic in March – Monroe learned that he had actually qualified for the Classic when the winner of the Northern Open on Lake Oneida failed to meet all criteria to claim that event’s automatic Classic berth — Monroe is officially the “last man in”.

We connected with the four-time B.A.S.S. winner shortly after he got the Classic invite, and questioned him about his off-season preparation, his 2016 season as a whole and how he feels about his chances next March 24-26 when the Classic arrives on Lake Conroe in Texas. Continue reading