About Arlo Townsend

Arlo Townsend is a Simms Guide Ambassador and owner of Arlo's Fly Fishing Services in Reno, NV. Arlo has been guiding clients year-round in the Reno/Tahoe area for the past nine years. He is a dedicated and accomplished fly angler to the Truckee River system and has built a strong reputation as being the authority on catching trout of the Truckee River on the fly. You can visit Arlo online at ArlosFlyFishingServices.com.

Time To Leave Spawning Trout Lie

As we enter spring, remember to do your part by staying away from spawning trout.

As the shoulder seasons emerge and climates gradually shift, the behavior of trout in our rivers and streams begins to focus on one thing…spawning. Successful reproduction is the life goal of a trout. Annual successful spawns are an integral part of our future trout populations. Trout are fragile creatures, especially during mating routines. The more we understand about what trout go through in order to make future baby trout, the more effective we can be in protecting our fish resources. Continue reading