A Lot To Be Thankful For

Each year during this time of year we get to reflect on all of the great fortune we have.  This is the time of year where we reflect on the year previous, when we are fortunate to be thankful for a great many things this Thanksgiving.  Here are just a few of the things that resonated with us this year and leave us extremely thankful.


Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation: 2014 marked a seminal year in the relationship between Simms and Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation.  2013’s version of ICE OUT benefited the non-profit organization that helps soldiers recover from time spent in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.  Eight groups of soldiers congregated at Simms for the traditional gear exchange.  Warriors & Quiet Waters has become a very special organization for us at Simms as it blends acknowledgement of the true heroes in our world with fly fishing.  We look forward to many more years working with these courageous Americans.

Yellowstone Cutts: Last year (2012) we spent critical time in Yellowstone National Park with representatives from the Park Service.  Then, we learned the gravity to which the Yellowstone Cutthroat were threatened by a variety of sources.  At the top of this list was the threat from lake trout.  Well, it seems that some positive momentum may be gathering in the favor of the native Yellowstone Cutthroat trout.  According to YNP sources, populations of both cutthroats and lake trout might be responding they way we hoped—lake trout are starting to see holes in age groups and cutthroat trout are rebounding in the ages that need to.  The result? There is hope ahead for our beloved Yellowstone Cutthroat as they continue to fight the fight of their lives.

Yellowstone River

ICAST/IFTD Awards:  2014 marks the most ambitious line launch in our history here at Simms.  The public launch for the 2014 line came this past summer at ICAST/IFTD in Las Vegas, NV.  We went to the show with confidence in a great product team and a great product line.  What we didn’t expect was a near run-of-the-table and 5 awards for the Simms product line.  We won for best outerwear (Acklins Jacket), best women’s product (Women’s G3 Guide Stockingfoot), best wader (G3 Guide Stockingfoot), wading boots (G4 Boa Boots), and General Apparel (GT TriComp LS Shirt).  We are thankful for this great momentum to start off the 2014 line launch and hope that bodes well for its success.


Fish Flex Friday: If you ask staff members at Simms what was the most important new change at Simms over the past year, most of them would reference Fish Flex Fridays each week during this most recent summer.  Simply put, this rule stated that if you have your work under wraps, you have the option to leave work at noon on Friday and go fishing.  Now you can’t just take the day off to go golfing or shopping—it only counts if you go fishing.  It is a great way to get the jump on the weekend fishing and stretch those precious summer months.  We think it’s a new tradition that will be around for a while…and we like that.

Pebble Mine:  This year, the Pebble Mine project in SW Alaska was dealt a significant below.  In September, Anglo American dropped out of the mine project and left it to Northern Dynasty to take on the cause by themselves.  This is significant because Anglo American was willing to leave the upside of the Pebble Mine for the security of getting out of the project.  The threat of the mine is not gone, however.  This is merely a temporary setback for the proposed mine in the middle of the most pristine salmon fisheries in the world.  But we will take a good break in this critical fight. Lower Talarik Creek

"T-Bird" Bush Pilot
Now it is your turn. For what are you especially thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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  • sjhsd

    Thanks for the mention of the Pebble Mine! The fly fishing industry has been in this fight for over 7 years now, and we need to press hard to “seal the deal” in the coming year. It was great having Simms along on the trip to Bristol Bay this past summer to show what’s at stake. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the support! Scott Hed – Director, Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

  • Me

    Thankful that Obama’s term will eventually expire.

    • Carlos Van

      What nonsense!! The GOP sure loves fly fishers–HA!!! Perhaps Dick C??

      • Ken Wooley

        Did you see Obama fishing in Bozeman a few years ago? Based off that performance I doubt he spends a lot of time thinking about fishing. Besides, fish are too self sufficient. I’m surprised he hasn’t developed a tax for them to pay their share!

        • Carlos Van

          i was in Bozeman when he was there–not the point. Has little to do with Obama’s fly fishing skills–or lack of of same.Much more which party has more interest in protecting /promoting clean water etc.NO clean water?–forget about fly fishing. When will you GOP fans understand/get that simple fact.

          • Ken Wooley

            Obstructionism is not stewardship. If Obama would look at projects on environmental merits instead of political merits his credibility would be much better. My point is that he neither understands nor cares about the concerns of the sportsmen and fishermen in Bristol Bay. He plays the tree huggers like every other major donor group. Thug politics is what he enjoys and understands – not fly fishing. It is what it is but don’t be naive. BTW, I’m not GOP nor do I favor Pebble.

  • Andrew Wright

    Thankful for companies like Simms, that are committed to providing quality products made here in the U.S.A for a fair price . It’s also refreshing to know that you also see the bigger picture, beyond simpler dollars and cents–as evidenced by your corporate support of campaigns such as the Pebble Mine fight and the Yellowstone cutthroat program and your own Flex Fridays policy for your employees. And FWIW, no problem here with an Obama presidency; anyone who doesn’t believe his administration is a better steward of the nation’s water quality just doesn’t get it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • jim

    I’m thankful I had the chance to fish with my son for 2 weeks on Colos blue ribbon rivers this Sept where we caught tons of fish and were using more Simms gear than the Simms store has LOL Your Friday fishing days will pay large dividends for you Good Idea

  • Philippe

    I’m gratefull for flyfishing and hope humans will not destroy every last bit of wilderness.

  • Ken Wooley

    Too much value in the ground there. It will eventually be mined.

    • Carlos van

      Such optimism–LOL. I don’t have much during these dark days of the soul–but probably enough to keep casting during MT days,a place with a stream access law that that many of in the GOP would love to end. It’s just how much worse it would be under shall we say “certain GOP leaders.” Sure, BO is in many respects just like all the rest–hardly my “White Knight.” But there is bad,then there is absolutely awful–as in beyond redemption. GOP any one? They would be so much better on enviro/water issues….
      BTW–the “game” on Asian carp and the Great lakes was over some time ago–read some of the literature on this subject by many midwestern fisheries biologists.

      • Ken Wooley

        Dude, you have to pull yourself together and quit throwing people into such big buckets. For instance, the largest protector of the MT Stream Access Law was the GOP Governor Stan Stevens who signed the last revision in the mid 80’s. The largest opponent is the renowned land pirate and shameless liberal Ted Turner. There are good people in both parties – even the GOP. Unfortunately our current president isn’t one of them.

        • Carlos Van

          You need to do more research on just who are the most recent folks after the access law–it is hardly TT but such as Huey Lewis and the CEO of Brighthouse Communications in Atlanta–owners (absentee,of course!!) of huge ranches. Will deep pockets win out? Stay tuned….Most recent challenge to the law is currently being considered by the state court–on appeal. Yes,the access law does indeed have friends on both side of the political aisle.

          • Ken Wooley

            I’ve been talked to by Turner’s goons when I’d legally accessed the Ruby. That was all the research I needed.

          • Carlos Van

            Must be the Ruby area branch of the TT “goon squad.” I fish on his ranch S. of Bozeman all the time–the Gallatin–no problems,no goons–a few cowboys,always pleasant–and a lot of others fish there as well. Place is posted all over the area but access is access. Get in the river at Williams Bridge.
            Off to FL.. Hate to cut this short BUT fish “call….”

          • Ken Wooley

            Safe travels.

  • Tetonjimo

    I am so thankful for my passion for the great outdoors be it bird hunting or fly fishing. It has been fly fishing that has given me the blessing of seeing so many beautiful places. Each year I think it can’t get any better and it does. In 2013 I got to look down into my net and see browns, rainbows and brookies and at those moments I realized how blessed I was.

  • Stephen Siket

    Didn’t think this was to be a political debate but living and fishing in Michigan Obama is great for the Great Lakes

    • Carlos Van

      It isn’t supposed to be a political debate–so an “apologia” here.BUT when someone begins this by saying how grateful he is for Obama’s term to end It kind of got to me–considering the dreadful alternative!! I am certainly very grateful for all who work tirelessly to try to make certain that we have have clean water –and the access to same–available to fly fishers.

      • Ken Wooley

        Carlos, Carlos, Carlos… We should meet sometime so I can help you. So, do you remember where your White Knight landed when he had to choose between Chicago shipping and ensuring Asian Carp stay out of Lake MI? When you get knocked out of a boat by a flying carp in a few years it will jog your memory. Please understand, he is a power whore who doesn’t care one lick about fishing.

  • jr h

    One of my best friends and fishing buddies past away this year and I’m very thankful for the time we shared on the water and life. This year was a tough one but when I look back on the highlights they always had a fish and him involved. This was one of the best big fish years I had and he shared everyone single one of those with me.