2014 Seychelles Season Recap

Simms Guide Ambassador, Jako Lucas tells about his 2014 guide season off Cosmoledo and Astove.

In October, Simms Guide Ambassador, Jako Lucas received the news he’d waited years to hear — two of his favorite atolls in the Seychelles were once again open for business. On November 3rd, Lucas and company set sail for Assumption Island and arrived on the 7th. With the mothership, the MV Dugong prepped, the first group of clients arrived — two hours later, giant trevally number was hooked up melting away backing as it sprinted for deep water. Then and there, it was safe for Lucas to assume Cosmoledo and Astove were going to be exactly as he remembered — unbelievable. Here, Lucas gives us a recap of his two month 2014 Seychelles season and shares mind blowing catch numbers and provides amazing photos to back them up.

“The last time I set foot on Cosmoledo and Astove was 2009” says Jako. “Back then, we had some pirate issues but I’m very happy to say, all is good to go now. Hats off to Keith Rose Innes from Alphonse Fishing Company for all the hard work it took to make it possible for us to guide these amazing places again.” Despite fluctuating weather conditions, the first two weeks Lucas spent guiding Cosmoledo and Astove really set the tone for the remainder of the season. On day one alone, 70 giant trevally were caught and released. While these two atolls have come to be known for giant trevally, Lucas and his clients spent plenty of time chasing some of the other sought after species that inhabit these waters. “Believe me when I tell you, there are tons of other crazy fish out there.” says Lucas. “We have all kinds of grouper, snapper, triggerfish, permit, too many species of trevally to name and of course, bonefish (big ones).”

The first two groups experienced outstanding fishing but by the time the third group arrived on Assumption Island, Lucas and the rest of the guides were really dialed in. “Our third group of clients were some familiar faces from Russia and these guys are hardcore. One guy got off the plane and wanted to target milkfish. These fish are so unpredictable but he actually hooked four and landed two after epic fights. In between searching for milkfish he also landed an oceanic white tip and a nice dorado. It was while we were guiding this group that we really got into some big GTs on the flats.” Even though bonefish surpassing the 10 pound mark were in full force, this group really wanted to focus on GTs and there efforts paid off in spades. When their trip came to a close, many fish were landed that reached the magic 1 meter mark and there were even a few fish that taped out at 118 cm.

On week four, the guides were treated with favorable consistent weather and the trophy size GTs just kept coming. “It was really a great way to close out the season. During this week, we landed more than 10 GTs over 110 cms and had one that measured 126 cm.” says Lucas. As the guides of Cosmoledo and Astove gathered their gear for the next big adventure, they did a tally and concluded that their clients landed over 1,000 GTs. No — that’s not a typo — over 1,000 GTs, 25 of which were over 110 cm. “It was an absolutely epic season. We couldn’t even count how many Bluefin trevally we caught and there would be no way of knowing how many bonefish, triggerfish, permit, grouper, snapper and other species we landed. Simply put, these atolls are off the chart and it was an absolute privilege to finally be able to guide here again. I already can’t wait for next season.”

In addition the guiding the Seychelles, Jako Lucas also spends a portion of the year guiding other locales such as Mongolia, Norway, St. Brandon’s Atoll and more. Check out Jako’s river game as he guides for the world’s largest salmonid, the taimen here.

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