Man of Precision

Meet the cutter — Clay Krull, cutting your Bozeman made Simms Waders since 2007.

Producing the best waders in the world is by no means a plug-and-play operation. To consistently achieve the standard Simms has set demands meticulous craftsmanship in every phase of production. Before a pair of waders can begin to take shape, GORE-TEX® fabric must be cut into panels — and in order to offer first class performance, each and every piece has to be cut just right. Since 2007, there’s been one man behind the saw that cuts all of the fabric for Simms’ Bozeman made waders — Clay Krull, a humble perfectionist who has played a critical role in keeping you warm, dry and comfortable in your fishing pursuits for the past seven plus years. With a job tolerating virtually zero margin for error, Krull has to function with a somewhat obsessive-compulsive mentality which might explain why he is also a fanatical fisherman — especially when it comes to swinging for steelhead.

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