Bonefish 101

Clint Kemp of Blackfly Lodge Shares his Top 10 Bonefish Tips.

With all the fish that swim in the salt, there’s one that arguably gets pursued more than any other — bonefish. Their nervous behavior in skinny water presents the opportunity for text-book sight-fishing and their speed translates into one of the most sought-after characteristics of any salt water fish. Also, it’s no secret that bonefish live in some of the world’s most picturesque and laid back destinations in the world. Clint Kemp of Blackfly Lodge calls the bonefish hotspot of Abaco home. For the better portion of his life, Clint has chased these fish and over time, has developed a handful of tricks that will help you overcome the intricacies of the game. Below, you’ll find Clint’s version of Bonefish 101 — study his words and apply these tips the next time you’re on the deck and the coveted 10 pounder appears at 11 o’clock tailing into the wind.

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