Jako Lucas — The One That Got Away

 Simms Ambassador, Jako Lucas recounts his most memorable the one that got away memory.

With all the time Simms Ambassador, Jako Lucas spends guiding in the world’s best and most remote fishing destinations, it’s no wonder he has his fair share of the one that got away stories. Guiding in Norway affords him the opportunity to put his clients on the highly sought after Atlantic salmon while his season in Mongolia is spent chasing the elusive taimen. Hearts break when a trophy of either species comes unglued but in Lucas’ salt water world, there’s one fish powerful enough to break your heart and rod in the same instant. Lucas spends a healthy portion of his year guiding in the Seychelles, a destination offering options aplenty. But of all the species he encounters on a daily basis while fishing islands such as Astove and Cosmeledo, giant trevally get his blood pumping more than any other. With all the fish he’s caught, lost and encountered in his many tours of duties, it was a giant trevally that never came to hand that still haunts him. Here’s how it all happened…

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