Swearing By Structure

Photo Courtesy Landon Mayer

Thread the Needle and Fish Structure More Effectively to Catch More and Bigger Trout. By Simms Pro, Landon Mayer.

Just in time for prime hike/wade season, it’s with great pleasure to announce the newest member of the Simms Pro Team. For nearly two decades, Landon Mayer has made a career out of doing what he loves — chasing giant trout with tiny flies on foot. With so many years (and miles) of experience, Landon has developed a tip for virtually every fly fishing situation a hike/wade angler might find themselves in. In 2014, Landon culminated his findings into his second book, 101 Trout Tips, A Guide’s Secrets, Tactics, and Techniques, Headwater/Stackpole BooksTo celebrate the start of the new season, we’ve literally taken the chapter “Swearing By Structure” from his book. Below, Landon explains how you can get better drifts and fish structure more effectively. Take a look and expect to see more great tips from Landon in the near future.

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